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ScoreV2 (mod)

SV2 mod iconScoreV2 (SV2) mod icon

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Not to be confused with Score or ScoreV1.


  • Abbreviation: SV2
  • Type: Special
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Caption: Try the future scoring system. ** UNRANKED **
  • Compatible game modes:


Notice: Enabling the ScoreV2 mod will result in an unranked play.
For information regarding the ScoreV2 scoring system, see: ScoreV2

The ScoreV2 mod is a mod that uses the prototype ScoreV2 value system instead of the current scoring system for each respective game mode. In a nutshell, the ScoreV2 system attempts to scale all hit object scoring values to a hard limit of 1 million at 1.00 Score Multiplier (excluding bonus spinner values in osu!, dendens in osu!taiko, and collected bananas in osu!catch).

This mod has the same effect across all game modes.