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Hidden (mod)

HD mod iconHidden (HD) mod icon

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Not to be confused with Fade In (mod) or Flashlight (mod).


  • Abbreviation: HD
  • Type: Difficulty Increasing
  • Score Multiplier:
    • : 1.06x
    • : 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: F
    • Default shortcut key (osu!mania): F F or Shift + F
  • Caption:
    • : Play with no approach circles and fading notes for a slight score advantage.
    • : The notes fade out before you hit them!
    • Play with no approach circles and fading notes for a slight score advantage.
    • : The notes fade out before you hit them!
  • Compatible game modes:
  • Variant (osu!mania): Fade In


The Hidden mod is a game modifier that increases the difficulty of beatmaps by removing the approach circles and causing the hit objects to fade after appearing on the screen.


In osu!, the Hidden mod eliminates the approach circles and causes the hit objects to fade out shortly after appearing, forcing players to more or less memorise the timing, and — to a lesser degree — the placement and slider path.

Although it should be noted that the Hidden mod is considered the easiest difficulty increasing mod amongst top players due to the consistency of when hit objects appear and disappear. As a result of this consistency, it is very much possible to learn when to tap objects based on when they fade out alone.

HD gameplay osu!Gameplay of osu! with the Hidden mod enabled


In osu!taiko, the notes fade out at around halfway through the screen, requiring players to remember the timing and colour. However, sliders and dendens still cross the full timeline and do not fade out, with the condition that the denden has no approach circle to indicate when it times out.

On beatmaps with high overall difficulty, the Hidden mod is used by experienced players to increase score instead of the Hard Rock (HR) mod because HR occasionally makes the timing window too small.

Unlike osu!, the Hidden mod is typically regarded as much harder to read or "get used-to" due to requiring the player to memorise which colour comes next.

HD gameplay taikoGameplay of osu!taiko with the Hidden mod enabled


In osu!catch, the Hidden mod causes the fruits to fade out about halfway down the screen.

The effects on difficulty for osu!catch regarding the use of the Hidden mod vary from beatmap-to-beatmap, but it is generally considered that maps with an approach rate (AR) of 9 or higher makes very little difference in increase of difficulty.

HD gameplay catchGameplay of osu!catch with the Hidden mod enabled


In osu!mania, the Hidden mod functions as the inverse of the Fade In mod as the notes will fade out before you are supposed to hit them.

HD gameplay maniaGameplay with the Hidden mod at 91x combo (top-left), at 326x combo (top-middle), at 516x combo (top-right/bottom-left), and at 900x combo (bottom-right) in osu!mania


  • The Hidden mod debuted in Ouendan 2, which was the second Japanese DS game in the Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan series (the series that osu! is based on).
  • If a beatmap is passed with an S or SS grade with the Hidden mod enabled, the beatmap will award the silver variant of the grade instead.
  • By default, in osu! the first hit object's approach circle will be temporarily visible at the start of a map so as to help players better gauge when to tap said hit object. This may be turned off in the options under Gameplay.
  • In osu!mania, the Hidden mod is a variant of the Fade In mod.
  • The current version of the Hidden mod in osu!mania used to be a separate mod called Fade Out.