GST:LIVE 2022 banner

GST:LIVE 2022 is a 2v2 single-elimination osu! tournament hosted by megumic, and _gt. It is the second instalment of GST:LIVE. The bracket stage is to be held on the 17th of December in conjunction with Asia Esports Festival Online 2022 (AEF Online 2022).

Tournament schedule


Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2022-11-12/2022-11-28
Qualifiers 2022-11-28/2022-12-10

Day of the event (17 December 2022)

Event Timestamp (UTC+08)
Quarterfinals 14:00 – 16:40
Semifinals 16:40 – 18:40
Finals 18:40


Placing Prizes
Gold crown Unique profile badge, physical medal, 12 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown Physical medal, 6 months of osu!supporter

GST:LIVE 2022 badge 1


GST:LIVE 2022 is run by various community members.


Seed No. Team Members Z-Sum
1 we have 3 badges Inquisitives, Demonical 15.19
2 Among the Sus Rtyzen, Loslite 14.89
3 ClassicForUrSoul Tebi, Picon 13.24
4 we go jim Eagle5324, Moroha29 11.38
5 stuckat180 D3rpyB01, bencyphyr 8.21
6 Snail and Turtle Hecatia, skilledez 7.98
7 :nerd: Dawnwing, Grantorio 7.62
8 :wheelchair: JokThree, GSBlank 7.29
9 Horse Girls Rtzero, SeeL 6.59
10 XC-72 marcellasne_, dlwlrma- 5.59
11 kenzokupiss hollowknees, wick 5.44
12 S U I P I S S Milk Tee, Can Never FC 5.32
13 5 star skillcap Hoex, _Chroma 1.35
14 Sleepers Touruu, Baechuu -1.10
15 >c uniqly, CopyPasted -1.52
16 [REDACTED] Definition, Anderwear -1.85
17 5 + 4 = 9 digit iamfishgiver, KingKian -2.99
18 host rotate Celestialer, Pearlmini -3.91
19 hd haters Auto Clicker, lweexe -4.23
20 PAP Jet-, [Suguri] -4.60
21 ball scratchers phox, moosepi -4.79
22 Burnt Wagyu Unibrick, Sir Sav -4.80
23 hole king_duckling, begora_ -4.83
24 will not qualify lueu, Igniteous -5.73
25 TTV ryangbw kek zyronl, RyanGBW -6.30
26 HR rookies m1dget, Shleepy -7.80
27 VN Enthusiasts Ayase Mitsukasa, AdamAckerville -8.34
28 Skreen eterrius, Aivina -9.53
29 Jollibee date WATCH GENERAL, terrible at osu -9.70
30 Karcher Fans zenden10000, Ereshukigaru -10.18
31 Acc Gamers Nanodex, Eleiko -10.29


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Team
Gold crown we go jim ( Eagle5324, Moroha29)
Silver crown Among the Sus ( Rtyzen, Loslite)





Match results

Saturday, 17 December 2022


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
we go jim 5 2 Among the Sus #1


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
ClassicForUrSoul 4 5 Among the Sus #1
we go jim 5 4 we have 3 badges #1


Team 1 Team 2 Match link
ClassicForUrSoul 4 0 Snail and Turtle #1
we go jim 4 0 stuckat180 #1
Among the Sus 4 0 :nerd: #1
we have 3 badges 4 0 :wheelchair: #1


General rules

  1. GST:LIVE 2022 is a national, single-elimination, 2v2 tournament with a team size of 2 players.
  2. All matches will be played on No Fail, Score v2 and Team VS, with certain exceptions.
  3. The top 8 teams from Qualifiers will move on to the Bracket Stage.
  4. For each map that does not require the Hidden mod, players may choose to play said maps with Hidden, with those scores divided by 1.06.


  1. Registration will be through the GST:LIVE website.
  2. Badge-weighted seeding (BWS) will be used with the formula of rank^(0.9937^(badges^2)).
  3. Average team BWS rank must be #2000 or lower.

Qualifiers regulations

  1. All teams will play through the Qualifiers pool, consisting of 9 maps, in order from A1 to A9.
  2. Each team must play through all the maps; failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  3. If a player disconnects or encounters any technical issues within the first 30 seconds of a map, they are allowed to replay that particular map after the lobby is done with all the remaining maps.
  4. Only the top 8 teams will proceed to the Bracket Stage. Seeding in Qualifiers will be determined by the sum of z-score in each map.

Bracket stage regulations

  1. The Bracket Stage will be held offline on 17 December 2022 at AEF Online 2022. By signing up, you agree that you are free and will be showing up to the event should you place top 8 in Qualifiers. Should there be an emergency such that you are unable to make the event, please let the staff know by messaging megumic (ue#0001) or _gt (gt#8668) on Discord.
  2. If a player is not present at the time of their match, the match will be forfeited. The staff reserves the right to ban absent players for future iterations of GST and GST:LIVE.
  3. There will be 2 mappools: the Quarterfinals pool will be Bo7, and the Semifinals/Finals pool will be Bo9.

Match procedure

  1. The higher !roll gets to choose pick order.
  2. Each team will be given a maximum of 90 seconds for picking maps. Failure to decide before the time limit will result in the action being passed to the opponent.
  3. After a beatmap is selected, teams will have a maximum of 90 seconds to ready up.
  4. For each map that does not require the Hidden mod, players may choose to play said maps with Hidden, with those scores divided by 1.06. As such, you are required to co-operate by putting on the required mods for each map as the multiplayer lobby will virtually permanently have Free Mod enabled.
  5. The mappool is designed such that if both teams reach match point, there will be 3 maps left.
  6. Both captains have to PM the referee which map they would like to ban out of the 3 maps within 90 seconds. Using the #multiplayer channel is strongly discouraged during this time.
  7. If both teams ban different maps, the 3rd map is played.
  8. If both teams ban the same map, the referee will do a !roll 2 to determine which map out of the remaining ones will be played, where 1 corresponds to the map listed higher on the mappool.
  9. If the tiebreaker map ends in a draw, captains will roll again and the lower roll gets to choose another tiebreaker within the remaining 2 maps.