SoCal Fall Festival

SoCal Fall Festival banner

The SoCal Fall Festival is an upcoming 1v1 osu! tournament hosted by BruinGG in collaboration with Gaucho Gaming and osu! UCI. This tournament brings together communities from University of California campuses, but anyone can join!

In addition to the osu! tournament documented here, the SoCal Fall Festival will host casual games, competitive tournaments, panels, and an artists alley.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp (UTC-08)
Registration 2020-10-24/2020-11-07 (16:00)
Swiss stage 2020-11-07 (16:00)
Round of 16 2020-11-07 (after swiss stage) or 2020-11-08 (16:00)
Quarterfinals–Finals 2020-11-08 (16:00) or 2020-11-08 (after Round of 16)


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 1 year of osu! supporter tag, Cooler Master CK552 with Gateron Red switches
Silver crown 8 months of osu! supporter tag, Cooler Master MM720
Bronze crown, 4th place 6 months of osu! supporter tag


There are five organizers for the osu! section of the SoCal Fall Festival: