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Tournament drawings

The tournament drawings screen is used to livestream the sorting of teams into groups that will compete in the group stages for a tournament. It is only available in osu!(lazer).

Please note that the osu!(lazer) client is currently under development and there may be bugs.

Accessing The Client

Open osu!(lazer) and press Ctrl + O to reveal the game settings. From there, click "Open osu! folder". Create the following two files in this directory:


Next, add the following line to the drawings.txt file:

AU : Australia : AUS

The drawings screen is now ready to be previewed. It is important to understand how the drawings screen looks and acts before modifying each of these files further.


From the main menu, press Ctrl + Shift + D to access the drawings screen. The following should appear:

There are two sections to this screen: the main section on the left with the world map as a background, and the control panel section on the right. Please avoid livestreaming the control panel.

There are 4 buttons in the control panel, let's go over them:

  • Begin random
    • This will start the randomisation process, causing the flags on the screen to scroll.
  • Stop random
    • This will stop the randomisation process, causing the scrolling to slow down until eventually stopping and centring on a flag in the middle of the screen.
  • Reload
    • This will reload the drawings.txt file.
  • Reset
    • This button should rarely be used. It is destructive and will reset the results of the drawings process.

Press the Begin random and the Stop random buttons. When the scrolling stops on a flag at the centre of the screen, go back to the osu! folder and notice that an additional file has been created, called drawings_results.txt.

Open the file and observe the format — this is where the results of the drawings process are stored, and should be imported into further tools to assist in managing the tournament, such as Google Spreadsheets.

Please make sure to save the drawings_results.txt file in a safe location before pressing the Reset button, otherwise it will be destroyed!


A tournament may not desire as many as 8 groups, and likewise may not desire 8 teams per group. The drawings.ini file is a configuration file that allows the adjustment of such properties.
A valid configuration file looks like:

Groups = 4
TeamsPerGroup = 4

The following are properties which are configurable through this file:

Property Description Valid Values Default Value
Groups The number of groups to sort teams into. Between 1 and 8 (inclusive) 8
TeamsPerGroup The maximum number of teams in any one group. Between 1 and 8 (inclusive) 8

Defining Teams

The drawings.txt file provides a way to specify the teams that will be sorted into groups on separate lines. An example line is the following:

AU : Australia : AUS

This line has three sections separated by a colon (:):

Flag Name Full Team Name Team Acronym
AU Australia AUS
  • The flag name refers to the name of a file that provides the flag image. By default, osu!(lazer) provides country flags as ISO 3166 Alpha-2 Country Codes.
  • The full team name is displayed in the centre of the screen when a team is selected through the scrolling process.
  • The team acronym is displayed in the group boxes.

Visual representation of the drawings.txt elements

A valid drawings.txt file with multiple countries as teams is:

AU : Australia : AUS
RO : Romania : RO
IT : Italy : IT
US : United States of America : USA

To define a custom flag, go back to the osu! folder containing the drawings.ini file and inside it create the folder Flags. Custom flag image files can be placed inside the Flags folder. For example if the file my-flag-file.png was placed inside the Flags folder, then a valid line that can be added to the drawings.txt file is:

my-flag-file : My Team : MT

The optimal resolution for flag images is 70x47 pixels (or the same aspect ratio).


It may be desirable to "seed" teams. In this case multiple drawings.txt files can be hotswapped with the aid of the Reload button in the control panel.


Please don't hesitate to contact if there are any further usage questions.