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Reporting bad behaviour

What is the report system?

The report system is an important feature to inform the moderators about misbehaving user(s) and for them to take action.

It is not only limited to in-game chat but also in other places such as the forum and wiki itself.

How to report someone

Using the !report command in-game

Usage: !report username [reason]

Parameters in [ and ] are optional.

If the user has a space in their username, it must be replaced with an underscore _ because the osu! in-game chat is based on IRC.

!report This User Name is spamming in #osu turns to !report This_User_Name is spamming in #osu

Reports are not case-sensitive so it is okay to use lowercase letters like this_user_name.

Example of using the !report commandExample of using the !report command

Using the report button in-game

Reporting the user by this way only needs a type of reason and the custom text, unlike the !report command.

Click the report buttonClick the report button

Remember to add a reason here!Remember to add a reason here!

Using the report button in the profile of a user

This also works the same as the report button in-game.

Remember to add details to your report at the comments.

This will open a dialog for reporting the user.This will open a dialog for reporting the user.

This should only be used when reporting cheating users.

Pressing this link will report that score.Pressing this link will report that score.

Examples what to report

Spamming or flooding in chat

Using a broken keyboard is not an excuse!

Excessive use of uppercase letters

This has been considered as shouting and annoying.

Posting of inappropriate contents such as pornographic materials (questionable/suggestive are considerable)

Moderators immediately silence for this, removing the content without warning.

Posting of unwanted contents such as advertisements, screamers and referrals

Take note that spamming streaming links are applied to this rule.

Offensive behavior towards other players

Telling people to kill themselves is not a good thing to say.

and many more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other players see my reports in chat?

Obviously, no, unless you typed the command prefix wrong.
Make sure you type an exclamation mark first!

I accidentally reported a user! Will I get an punishment?

Do not worry about it, false reports will be ignored unless abused.

Can I report multiple times?

Reporting once is enough but you can report several times during the day.
Two or three times should be fine.

You can either report the channel saying that multiple players are causing problems, or just a list of each person.

Does this include private messages?

Most issues on private messages such as insults are not handled.

A user can use the ignore system to avoid any messages getting received from the ignored user including channels.

Note: Ignore list will reset when you close the game client.

Can I report a moderator?

You can, but it is recommended to contact the osu! support ( for staff complaints.