Beatmap veto

The beatmap veto allows a Beatmap Nominator to withhold a beatmap from Qualification if they feel there are significant issues regarding beatmap quality which make it unfit for the Ranked section. Seeking further discussion or clarification over any kind of quality issues which they feel need to be addressed before the map can proceed with Qualification is one of their main responsibilities.

Any Beatmap Nominator may place a beatmap veto, provided they are formally qualified for the game mode(s) in question, as stated in the Beatmap Nominator Rules. Each beatmap veto must be discussed by both parties - the mapper as well as the Nominator placing the beatmap veto - in an attempt to reach an agreed compromise.

In cases where discussion does not take place or is inconclusive, and either the mapper or vetoing Nominator requests it, members of the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) will initiate and oversee a mediation to either uphold or dismiss the veto. The mediation is held by a random jury of Beatmap Nominators and members of the NAT, to mitigate bias, and is voted on anonymously by this jury. Once voting has completed, the reasoning from each member of the jury is revealed along with the mediation result in the beatmap discussion.

Performing a beatmap veto

As a Beatmap Nominator, you can veto a beatmap in one of two ways:

  • In the case of nominated beatmaps, resetting its nominations.
  • In the case of qualified beatmaps, disqualifying it.

In both cases, the beatmap veto should be stated as such, and should be accompanied by a detailed explanation as to why you believe the beatmap in question should not be considered for Qualification. A proper discussion which attempts to reach a mutual agreement by both sides of the argument must then follow.

Assuming the issues are satisfactorily resolved or justified with all parties in agreement, the Nominator may lift the beatmap veto and allow Qualification to proceed.

What happens if no agreement is reached?

Beatmapping is extremely diverse and creative differences are to be expected. This is to be encouraged for the sake of creating a variety of content all players can enjoy! However, such differences can naturally lead to disagreements.

If discussion is no longer progressing in the direction of a compromise, or is otherwise unable to be reasonably resolved, the beatmap creator or vetoing Beatmap Nominator can request for mediation. If no request is received, mediation will not begin and the mapper will be assumed to have given up on the beatmap.

During mediation, the randomly selected jury of Beatmap Nominators and members of the NAT will vote for whether to uphold or dismiss the veto anonymously. Once initiated, this process can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on how quickly members of the jury make their decisions.

Any decision made by members of this jury must be accompanied by a reason for making the decision. Should a member be unable to participate, they may be replaced by another randomly selected member if there is enough time to do so. If there is not enough time, their vote will be considered abstained and their position as a Beatmap Nominator may be questioned as a result.

For the standard game mode, this jury consists of 11 members, and for any other, 5 members. This is to account for the amount of Beatmap Nominators for each game mode.

How to proceed after mediation

Following mediation, the beatmap veto will either be dismissed if the proposed changes are deemed unnecessary or detrimental to the beatmap, or upheld if they are considered necessary or beneficial.

Dismissed beatmap vetoes

If the beatmap veto is dismissed, any formally qualified Beatmap Nominator may renominate the beatmap - including the Nominator(s) who initially nominated.

In order to re-initiate a mediation which resulted in the dismissal of a veto, a previously uninvolved Beatmap Nominator, or one only involved through jury, can re-initiate the mediation with a newly randomly selected jury through vetoing again.

Upheld beatmap vetoes

If the beatmap veto is upheld, the beatmap may not be re-nominated until appropriate changes are made that remedy the issues present.

In order to re-initiate a mediation which resulted in the upholding of a veto, either the vetoer has to change their mind, or members of the jury that upheld has to change their minds to the point where the result of the mediation would have been different. This will re-initiate the mediation with a newly randomly selected jury.

Once changes are made to the beatmap, both the Nominator performing the beatmap veto, as well as the jury members upholding it, will be called to recheck the beatmap and decide individually if the issues have been satisfactorily addressed.