Universal offset

For other uses, see Offset.
For step-by-step instructions on how to set the universal offset to the correct value, see How to use the Offset Wizard.

Universal offset (or global offset) is an option which moves the appearance of hit objects in relation to the audio in all beatmaps. This can be helpful for players who experience auditory or visual delays. The universal offset works alongside the local song offset to calculate a total offset.


Universal offset works by adding a specified delay between every beatmap's song and other associated sounds and graphics. Unlike local or online, it is applied to the audio rather than gameplay elements, producing the opposite effect:

  • Positive values will move gameplay elements earlier.
  • Negative values will move gameplay elements later.

It is usually worth keeping the universal offset at its default value, 0, since an incorrectly determined universal offset will cause significant timing problems on all beatmaps. However, if all beatmaps have a consistent and noticeable timing issues, using a different value may be beneficial.1 Each player's optimal universal offset value differs due to variations in their systems.


The universal offset controls, containing a slider and the Offset Wizard button

The universal offset's value may be changed directly in the options. Alternatively, it may be tailored to the current setup by using Offset Wizard.

Notes and references

  1. In case of consistent timing problems with individual beatmaps, local offset should be used instead.