Beatmapping and Editor

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This section is dedicated to issues with the Beatmap Editor and beatmapping in general.

How do I upload/update my map?

You can do this through the in-game editor.

To upload your beatmap, go into the editor and hit File > Upload Beatmap.

This will make your beatmap available for others to download on the website. Updating a map is the same process for a map that has already been uploaded.

Each user has a limited number of maps they can simultaneously upload. Leaving a map inactive for a month (28 days), by not updating it, will send it to the Beatmap Graveyard. To revive a beatmap from the graveyard back into a Pending or WIP status, update it.

The editor is telling me "The beatmap you are trying to submit isn't yours!"

This can happen if the creator of the beatmap is not properly set within the beatmap files.

In the editor, click File in the menu, then Open .osu in Notepad. Check the line Creator: under the Metadata section and make sure that it's set to your exact username, capitalisation included.

If it isn't, manually change it for every difficulty in your beatmap, reload the beatmap, and you should be able to submit it.

If you are still having issues or want more information on this, have a read through the BSS issues page.

I am an osu!supporter, but I don't have 20 pending slots!

The number of slots available depends on the number of ranked maps you have. For details, see osu!supporter § Increased limits.

How can I delete my beatmap?

The support team does not take requests to manually delete uploaded beatmaps.

You can delete your beatmap yourself by waiting for it to decay to the beatmap Graveyard, which it will do so after a month (28 days) without updates.

Once your beatmap is in the Graveyard, you can delete it yourself by going to the Discussion page of your beatmap and clicking the Delete button that appears on the right side of the screen after scrolling down.