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A mouse is a very popular way to play osu!. You can use the mouse to aim and click. The middle mouse button is set to pause the game (can be disabled in options), and the scroll wheel can be used to change the volume.


This option allows you to select a custom mouse speed and is set to 1x by default.

Raw input

Raw input will bypass Windows mouse acceleration and provide the most accurate mouse movement. It is necessary to enable raw input in order to set custom mouse sensitivity on Windows 7+.

Confine mouse cursor

This option allows the mouse cursor to stay inside the osu! window and is set to Only when fullscreen by default. The available options include:

  • Never: Mouse will not stay inside the osu! window.
  • Only when fullscreen: Mouse will stay inside the osu! window when in fullscreen.
  • Always: Mouse will always stay inside the osu! window.

Disable mouse wheel in play mode

During gameplay, you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the volume and pause the game. Enabling this option will disable this functionality while playing.

Disable mouse buttons in play mode

This option will disable all mouse buttons during gameplay, which may be useful for people who use their keyboard to click.

Cursor ripples

The cursor will ripple outwards on clicking.