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Relax (mod)

RL mod iconRelax (RL) mod icon

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  • Abbreviation: RL or RX
  • Type: Special
  • Score Multiplier: 0.00x
  • Default shortcut key: Z
  • Caption:
    • : You don't need to click. Give your clicking/tapping fingers a break from the heat of things. ** UNRANKED **
    • : Relax! You will no longer get dizzyfied by ninja-like spinners, demanding drumrolls or unexpected katu's. ** UNRANKED **
    • : Use the mouse to control the catcher. ** UNRANKED **
  • Compatible game modes:


Notice: Enabling the Relax mod will cause the play to be unranked and will not be saved to the local leaderboards.

The Relax mod is a game modifier that aims to allow a relaxing experience to players. Due to its nature, the mod is typically utilised to analyse/practice difficult patterns on beatmaps, or for when players want to give their tapping hands a rest.


In osu!, enabling the Relax mod only requires the player to hover their cursor over hit objects; all hit objects will be automatically tapped by osu!. The mod makes it impossible to fail the beatmap in all game modes.

The Relax mod also disables the in-game interface, thus hiding the score, combo, and misses, although this can be re-enabled by pressing Shift + Tab. Additionally, the spins per minute (SPM) value will be doubled, allowing the player to spin much faster and thus obtain a higher score than would in a regular play.


In osu!taiko, the Relax mod removes colour judgement: the correct colour for the note is hit regardless of the colour given. Although the colours of the notes will not be changed.

Along with this, the Relax mod will also give more lenient timing to collect the slider ticks during drumrolls, while dendens can be cleared with any colour sequence instead of alternating the colour sequence. The animated mascot will also be removed.

As opposed to osu!, the Relax mod in osu!taiko will display score, combo, and misses.


In osu!catch, the Relax mod allows the character to be moved freely at any speed with the mouse or other cursor-moving peripheral.