User configuration file

This is a list of options in the osu!.<your PC account name>.cfg file. A lot of these options are available through the in-game options menu, and it is recommended that you change them there. Only edit these values manually if you really must.

Changeable via the options menu

Option Value type In-game option
Username String Username
Password String Password (hashed, do not share this!)
SaveUsername 0 or 1 Remember username
SavePassword 0 or 1 Remember password
Language String Select language
ShowUnicode 0 or 1 Prefer metadata in original language
AlternativeChatFont 0 or 1 Use alternative font for chat display
FrameSync String Frame limiter
FpsCounter 0 or 1 Show FPS counter
CompatibilityContext 0 or 1 Compatibility mode
ForceFrameFlush 0 or 1 Reduce dropped frames
DetectPerformanceIssues 0 or 1 Detect performance issues
Width Integer Resolution (when Fullscreen is 0)
Height Integer Resolution (when Fullscreen is 0)
WidthFullscreen Integer Resolution (when Fullscreen is 1)
HeightFullscreen Integer Resolution (when Fullscreen is 1)
Fullscreen 0 or 1 Fullscreen mode
Letterboxing 0 or 1 Letterboxing
LetterboxPositionX Integer Horizontal offset
LetterboxPositionY Integer Vertical offset
SnakingSliders 0 or 1 Snaking sliders
Video 0 or 1 Background video
ShowStoryboard 0 or 1 Storyboards
ComboBurst 0 or 1 Combo bursts
HitLighting 0 or 1 Hit lighting
Shaders 0 or 1 Shaders
BloomSoftening 0 or 1 Softening filter
ScreenshotFormat String Screenshot format
MenuSnow 0 or 1 Snow
MenuParallax 0 or 1 Parallax
ShowMenuTips 0 or 1 Menu tips
MenuVoice 0 or 1 Interface voices
MenuMusic 0 or 1 osu! music theme
SeasonalBackgrounds String Seasonal backgrounds
SongSelectThumbnails 0 or 1 Show thumbnails
DimLevel Integer Background dim
IHateHavingFun 0 or 1 Don't change dim level during breaks
ProgressBarType String Progress display
ScoreMeter String Score meter type
ScoreMeterScale Decimal Score meter size
KeyOverlay 0 or 1 Always show key overlay
HiddenShowFirstApproach 0 or 1 Show approach circle on first "Hidden" object
ManiaSpeedBPMScale 0 or 1 Scale osu!mania scroll speed with BPM
UsePerBeatmapManiaSpeed 0 or 1 Remember osu!mania scroll speed per-beatmap
DisplayStarsMinimum Decimal Display beatmaps from
DisplayStarsMaximum Decimal up to
AudioDevice String Output device
VolumeUniversal Integer Master
VolumeMusic Integer Music
VolumeEffect Integer Effect
IgnoreBeatmapSamples 0 or 1 Ignore beatmap hitsounds
Offset Integer Universal offset
Skin String Current skin
IgnoreBeatmapSkins 0 or 1 Ignore all beatmap skins
SkinSamples 0 or 1 Use skin's sound samples
UseTaikoSkin 0 or 1 Use Taiko skin for Taiko mode
UseSkinCursor 0 or 1 Always use skin cursor
CursorSize Decimal Cursor size
AutomaticCursorSizing 0 or 1 Automatic cursor sizing
ComboColourSliderBall 0 or 1 Use combo colour as tint for slider ball
MouseSpeed Decimal Sensitivity
RawInput 0 or 1 Raw input
AbsoluteToOsuWindow 0 or 1 Map absolute raw input to the osu! window
ConfineMouse String Confine mouse cursor
MouseDisableWheel 0 or 1 Disable mouse wheel in play mode
MouseDisableButtons 0 or 1 Disable mouse buttons in play mode
CursorRipple 0 or 1 Cursor ripples
Tablet 0 or 1 Enable OS TabletPC support
Wiimote 0 or 1 Wiimote/TaTaCon Drum support
VideoEditor 0 or 1 Background video
EditorDefaultSkin 0 or 1 Always use default skin
EditorSnakingSliders 0 or 1 Snaking sliders
EditorHitAnimations 0 or 1 Hit animations
EditorFollowPoints 0 or 1 Follow points
EditorStacking 0 or 1 Stacking
Ticker 0 or 1 Chat ticker
AutoChatHide 0 or 1 Automatically hide chat during gameplay
ChatHighlightName 0 or 1 Show a notification pop-up when someone says your name
ChatMessageNotification 0 or 1 Show chat message notifications
ChatAudibleHighlight 0 or 1 Play a sound when someone says your name
DisplayCityLocation 0 or 1 Share your city location with others
ShowSpectators 0 or 1 Show spectators
AutoSendNowPlaying 0 or 1 Automatically link beatmaps to spectators
PopupDuringGameplay 0 or 1 Show notification popups instantly during gameplay
NotifyFriends 0 or 1 Show notification popups when friends change status
AllowPublicInvites 0 or 1 Allow multiplayer game invites from all users
DiscordRichPresence 0 or 1 Discord Rich Presence
YahooIntegration 0 or 1 Integrate with Yahoo! status display
MsnIntegration 0 or 1 Integrate with MSN Live status display
AutomaticDownload 0 or 1 Automatically start osu!direct downloads
AutomaticDownloadNoVideo 0 or 1 Prefer no-video downloads
ChatFilter 0 or 1 Filter offensive words
ChatRemoveForeign 0 or 1 Filter foreign characters
LogPrivateMessages 0 or 1 Log private messages
BlockNonFriendPM 0 or 1 Block private messages from non-friends
IgnoreList Space-separated list of strings Chat ignore list
HighlightWords Space-separated list of strings Chat highlight words

Key binds

The values for key binding options are the names of the keys.

Option Action
keyOsuLeft osu! left click
keyOsuRight osu! right click
keyOsuSmoke osu! smoke
keyTaikoInnerLeft osu!taiko left drum centre
keyTaikoInnerRight osu!taiko right drum centre
keyTaikoOuterLeft osu!taiko left drum rim
keyTaikoOuterRight osu!taiko right drum rim
keyFruitsLeft osu!catch move left
keyFruitsRight osu!catch move right
keyFruitsDash osu!catch dash
keyIncreaseSpeed osu!mania increase scroll speed
keyDecreaseSpeed osu!mania decrease scroll speed
keyPause Pause game
keySkip Skip cutscene
keyToggleScoreboard Toggle scoreboard
keyIncreaseAudioOffset Increase local song offset
keyDecreaseAudioOffset Decrease local song offset
keyQuickRetry Quick retry
keyToggleFrameLimiter Cycle through framerate limiting options
keyToggleChat Open chat
keyToggleExtendedChat Open chat with user list
keyScreenshot Save screenshot
keyVolumeIncrease Increase universal volume
keyVolumeDecrease Decrease universal volume
keyDisableMouseButtons Disable mouse buttons
keyBossKey Minimise osu! to the system tray
keySelectTool Use select tool
keyNormalTool Use normal tool
keySliderTool Use slider tool
keySpinnerTool Use spinner tool
keyNewComboToggle Toggle new combo
keyWhistleToggle Toggle whistle
keyFinishToggle Toggle finish
keyClapToggle Toggle clap
keyGridSnapToggle Toggle grid snap
keyDistSnapToggle Toggle distance snap
keyNoteLockToggle Toggle hit object lock
keyNudgeLeft Nudge left
keyNudgeRight Nudge right
keyHelpToggle Open editor help screen
keyJumpToBegin Jump to first hit object
keyPlayFromBegin Play from beginning
keyAudioPause Pause playback
keyJumpToEnd Jump to end of last hit object
keyGridChange Cycle through grid sizes
keyTimingSection Add uninherited timing section
keyInheritingSection Add inherited timing section
keyRemoveSection Remove timing section
keyEasy Toggle Easy
keyNoFail Toggle No Fail
keyHalfTime Toggle Half Time
keyHardRock Toggle Hard Rock
keySuddenDeath Toggle Sudden Death
keyDoubleTime Toggle Double Time
keyHidden Toggle Hidden
keyFlashlight Toggle Flashlight
keyRelax Toggle Relax
keyAutopilot Toggle Autopilot
keySpunOut Toggle Spun Out
keyAuto Toggle Auto
keyScoreV2 Toggle Score V2

osu!mania layouts

Each osu!mania key mode has its own set of options. Here we use # to denote the number of keys, ranging from 1 to 18.

Option Value type Description
ManiaLayouts#K Space-separated list of (keyboard) key names Sets the key layout for #K
ManiaLayouts#KSplit Space-separated list of (keyboard) key names Sets the key layout for #/2K in co-op mode

More osu!mania layout options can be found in the current skin's skin.ini file.

Changeable via other actions in-game


Option Value type Description
ChatSortMode String Sorting of extended chat user list
ChatLastChannel String Last channel active
ChatChannels String List of channels used
UserFilter String Filter for extended chat user list


Option Value type Description
EditorGridSize Integer Grid size in osu! pixels
EditorGridSizeDesign Integer Design grid size in osu! pixels
EditorDim 0 or 1 Whether or not the background will be dimmed while test playing
EditorGrid 0 or 1 Whether or not grid snap is enabled
EditorBeatDivisor Integer Last used beat snap divisor
DistanceSpacing Decimal Last used distance snap multiplier
DistanceSpacingEnabled 0 or 1 Whether or not distance snap is enabled
NotifySubmittedThread 0 or 1 Automatically checks the Receive email notification on reply option when submitting a map via BSS
LoadSubmittedThread 0 or 1 Automatically checks the Load in browser after submission option when submitting a map via BSS
Option Value type Description
FrameTimeDisplay 0 or 1 Whether or not the frame time display is showing
PermanentSongInfo 0 or 1 Whether or not the playing song's info is permanently shown


Option Value type Description
LobbyPlayMode Integer Selected game mode tab (-1 = All, 0 = osu!, 1 = osu!taiko, 2 = osu!catch, 3 = osu!mania)
LobbyShowExistingOnly 0 or 1 Toggles Owned Beatmaps filter
LobbyShowFriendsOnly 0 or 1 Toggles Games with Friends filter
LobbyShowFull 0 or 1 Toggles Show Full filter
LobbyShowPassworded 0 or 1 Toggles Show Locked filter
LobbyShowInProgress 0 or 1 Toggles Show In-Progress filter


Option Value type Description
ManiaSpeed Integer osu!mania scroll speed
ScoreboardVisible 0 or 1 Whether or not the scoreboard is showing
ShowInterface 0 or 1 Whether or not the interface is showing
ShowInterfaceDuringRelax 0 or 1 Whether or not the interface will be shown when using Relax or Autopilot


Option Value type Description
ShowReplayComments 0 or 1 Toggles Show Comments when watching a replay

Song select

Option Value type Description
TreeSortMode String Grouping of beatmaps
TreeSortMode2 String Sorting of beatmaps
LastPlayMode String Selected game mode
RankType String Filter for scoreboard rankings

Not changeable in-game

Option Value type Description
BeatmapDirectory String Folder where osu! stores beatmaps
BossKeyFirstActivation 0 or 1 Whether or not the boss key has been pressed before
CanForceOptimusCompatibility 0 or 1 Whether or not osu! can perform optimisations on some NVIDIA GPUs
ConfirmExit 0 or 1 Whether or not osu! will ask for confirmation before exiting the game
CustomFrameLimit Integer Third FPS limiter option available in-game
Display Integer Index of the monitor that osu! should open on
EditorTip Integer Index of the next editor tip to be shown
GuideTips String Tracks guide tips that have been shown before so that they aren't shown again
HighResolution 0 or 1 Forces HD skin element support
IgnoreBarline 0 or 1 Whether or not osu!mania barlines should be hidden
LastVersion String Current client version
LastVersionPermissionsFailed String Client version that last needed computer admin permissions to complete an update
LowResolution 0 or 1 Forces SD skin elements to be used (overrides HighResolution)
MenuTip Integer Index of the next menu tip to be shown
MyPcSucks 0 or 1 Disables all fancy graphics settings
OverrideRefreshRate 0 or 1 Whether or not RefreshRate is used
RefreshRate Integer Custom refresh rate
ScaleMode String Default scaling of sprites that cover the whole screen
ScreenshotId Integer ID of the next screenshot
SkipTablet 0 or 1 Disables osu!'s special tablet handling code
UpdatePending 0 or 1 Whether or not there is an update waiting to be installed

Unused or deprecated

  • AllowNowPlayingHighlights
  • ComboFire
  • ComboFireHeight
  • ForceSliderRendering
  • ManiaLayoutSelected#K, where # ranges from 1 to 18
  • ManiaLayoutSelected#KSplit, where # ranges from 2 to 18
  • MenuTriangles
  • Renderer