TAG beatmaps

An example of a TAG beatmapAn example of a TAG beatmap

Not to be confused with tags, which are a part of a beatmap's metadata.

TAG beatmaps (or just TAG) are beatmaps that are specifically made for Tag co-op or Tag-team VS mode in multiplayer lobbies. As such, these beatmaps often require cooperative play between two or more players in the lobby in order to be completed.

In these modes, each player is responsible for one combo chain, and throughout the song the players alternate between combo chains. For this reason, TAG beatmaps are often designed in such a way that their combo chains are placed very far apart from each other, making it nearly impossible for the beatmap to be cleared by a single player.

TAG difficulties are most commonly denoted by the use of the term TAG in its difficulty name. Most often this TAG will be followed by a number, which typically denotes how many players the difficulty is meant for (e.g. TAG2 for two players, or TAG4 for four players).

Due to their nature, TAG difficulties are most commonly unranked, Approved, or Loved. However, on rare occasions, TAG beatmaps that follow the ranking criteria and are deemed suitable for ranking by the Beatmap Nominators may find their way into the Ranked section.