Beatmap description

Beatmap description is a small area under a beatmap's page that gives players information about the beatmap using BBCode. It usually highlights some facts about the beatmap its creator deemed important enough, or is used to advertise other mapping projects.

Uses and information

Popular descriptions of ranked beatmaps often include the following:

  • A list of all the guest difficulties and their creators
  • Information that would help a player decide whether they want to download the beatmap or not
  • A list of edits, or changelog


Many beatmap descriptions contain at least one image (often an animated GIF of some sort) which is used to express and illustrate either the creator, song, and/or beatmap in a flashy way. They can also serve as a title or header to add flair and quality. To learn how to add an image, check out the BBCode article's section on images.

Crediting guest mappers

Beatmap descriptions usually list all guest difficulties (often alongside their respective icons) and their creators to credit the guest mappers.

The difficulty icons can be found in the Difficulty article.