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osu! team

The people listed below are the core of the osu! team and are chiefly responsible for helping make the game awesome for everyone.

Name Role
peppy Project lead
-Mo- Modding and mapping scene advisor
Azer World Cup organiser and administrator
ChillierPear World Cup organiser and administrator
Death Moderator, technical support
Dntm8kmeeatu Moderator, technical support
Domco osu! developer
Ephemeral Project and community maintainer, Featured Artist outreach
flyte Design lead, resident Creative Cloud watcher
frenzibyte osu! developer
Hivie NAT leader, Project Loved manager, Venix's secretary
LeoFLT World Cup organiser and administrator
mangomizer Featured Artist outreach, World Cup secretary
MillhioreF osu! developer, technical support
nanaya osu!web developer
Nathanael General housekeeper, moderation advisor
Naxess Modding and mapping scene advisor
nekodex osu!web developer, Featured Artist
notbakaneko osu!web developer
Okoratu Moderator, modding and mapping scene advisor
pishifat osu! YouTube channel host, Mappers' Guild organiser, Featured Artist outreach
radar Modding and mapping scene advisor
Repflez Moderator, wiki maintainer
Shiro General housekeeper
smoogipoo osu! developer, osu!mania lover, bug buster
spaceman_atlas osu! developer
Tanza3D Designer
ThePooN osu! infrastructure developer
Trosk- General housekeeper, tournament support
tybug General housekeeper, broom sweeper
Venix GMT leader, Beatmap Spotlights manager, Hivie's secretary
Walavouchey Wiki maintainer, news editor
Zallius Endangered species

The account support team is also there to help with what is beyond reach.

In addition to the core osu! team, there are many other volunteer teams which keep the game running.

Inactive core team members

Name Role
awp General housekeeper and helper, chibi artist
Chaos Moderator, community advisor
cYsmix Audio designer, Featured Artist
Daru osu!painter
deadbeat World Cup organiser and administrator
Derekku General housekeeper, community manager
Damnae Storyboard developer
Echo osu! developer, provider of IRC integration for in-game chat, site maintainer
HappyStick osu! Coffee Hour host, World Cup streamer, tournament organiser
Intermezzo osu! developer, provider of osz2 and p2p backend
JBHyperion Former QAT leader
Datawalke Original site designer, hosting provider in the early days
juankristal World Cup organiser and administrator
Loctav World Cup organiser and administrator, former QAT leader, community manager
LuigiHann Epic skin designer, contributor to the default skin and icon set
Mao Former NAT leader
mm201 osu! developer, creator of mm sliders
Noffy Modding and mapping scene advisor
nuudles osu! iPhone developer
Nyquill osu! developer, Mappers' Guild organiser
p3n Moderation advisor
phill Forum designer
RBRat3 osu!painter, cool stuff maker-guy extraordinaire
Sarumaru Original pippi concept and artwork designer
Sinistro Early community manager and leader, meeting minutes and FAQ contributor
-Tim- FlappyDon developer
Tom94 osu! and performance points developer
Toy Project Loved manager, community advisor, Featured Artist outreach
VINXIS Featured Artist, modding and mapping scene advisor
WalterToro General housekeeper, World Cup organiser and administrator, wiki maintainer
woc2006 osu! developer, creator of osu!mania
yelle osu!store manager
ztrot osu!academy professor, media and character designer