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Internet Relay Chat

For further information, see: Internet Relay Chat (Wikipedia)

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an application layer protocol used for chatting with numerous online clients.


Notice: this server provides only a partial implementation of the IRC protocol. Some non-basic features of your IRC client (e.g. HexChat) may work improperly, or not work at all.

osu!Bancho (sometimes shortened to just Bancho) offers a gateway for IRC (in-game chat) access. You can use any modern IRC client to connect to it (scroll down for a list of the most popular ones).


Open settings of your IRC client and fill in the values (you may need to add a server first):

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • SSL: disabled
  • Username: your osu! username. Replace spaces with underscores (e.g., beppy master 1000 becomes beppy_master_1000)
  • Password: the password from the account settings page

Warning: Your IRC password is different from your account password. Do not share it with others.

Basic IRC commands

Command Description
/join <#channel> Join a channel
/part <#channel> Leave a channel
/me <action> Send an action message
/ignore <username> Ignore a user (start hiding their messages)
/away <message> Leave a message for everyone trying to contact you
/away Clear the away message
/query <username> Open a chat with username (replace spaces with underscores)

Disabling JOIN/PART/QUIT messages

By default, many IRC clients inform you when a user joins or leaves a channel. For networks such as osu!Bancho with thousands of users logging in and out frequently, such messages become spam, which you may want to hide. A list of common IRC clients and how to disable these messages is described below:

IRC client Description
HexChat Check "Hide join and part messages" under Settings -> Preferences -> Chatting -> General (Advanced pre-2.9.6)
Irssi Type /ignore * JOINS PARTS QUITS
Weechat Type /filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *
Konversation Check "Hide Join/Part/Nick Events" under Settings -> Configure Konversation... (Ctrl + Shift + ,) -> Behavior -> Chat Window
KVIrc (Refer to the KVIrc wiki page)
mIRC Go to mIRC Options (Tools -> Options, or Alt + O), select IRC, click the Events... button and select Hide for joins and parts
Quassel IRC Right-click inside the chat and choose Joins/Parts/Quits in the "Hide Events" menu
XChat Type /set irc_conf_mode 1


I can't login

osu!Bancho uses plain text authentication — make sure no special authentication mode is selected in your IRC client's settings.

Alternatively, use a different server address, (you will still connect to osu!Bancho).

I'm receiving the error "Bad Authentication Token"

Try the following:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct password from the account settings page.
  2. If your username has spaces, replace them with underscores (e.g. This Username becomes This_Username).

Can I use another username?


How can I quickly type another person's username?

Type first few letters of the username, then use Tab to cycle through autocompletion.

Why are some usernames prefixed with different signs?

The IRC standard has a concept of channel modes, or sets of actions every user can perform. In osu!Bancho, two modes are used for special groups of chat users:

  • +, or "voice status": user is connected via external IRC client
  • @, or "chat operator status": user is a chat moderator (GMT or NAT)

Users connected via osu! client or web site have no prefix.

Someone sends messages, but they are not in the list of channel users!

They are either using the web version of chat or connected via osu!(lazer).