For the record, these include the recent changes made from the discussion forum. Any rule that is being discussed is listed here as it used to be and will be updated once the discussion reaches an agreement.


  • Non-expert = Easy, Normal. (Basic, Standard)
  • Expert = Hard, Insane. (Hyper, Another)
  • Column = 5K, 5 column. The center column is sometimes called Special or Step column.


All rules are exactly that: rules. They are not guidelines and may not be broken under any circumstance.


  • osu!topus (AutoPlay) must be able to achieve the full score (1,000,000) in all diffifculties.
  • You are not allowed to leave any column empty.
  • You are not allowed to put more than 6 notes simultaneously.

Considering most keyboards use USB connections which do not allow 7 simultaneous presses, we make this rule to help more people enjoy the game. The end of hold notes are an exception, because they are released and not pressed.

  • You can't have two notes in the same column that overlap each other, and there must always be a space between two notes in the same column.
  • You must turn off the letterbox option. Letterboxing is not supported in osu!mania mode and therefore should not be used.

Difficulty Spread

  • Different key amounts within a mapset must be treated as different gamemodes and require a respective independent difficulty spread. Therefore each key amount must have an independent difficulty spread. For example if you want to add a 7K difficulty to your set, you must design a whole 7K spread. If you want to add an additional 4K difficulty to your set, you must also design a whole 4K spread.


  • You can't use uninherited timing sections when there is no actual BPM changes. In other words, you can't use uninherited timing sections slowly to change the scrolling speed. Use inherited timing sections and SV changes instead.


Guidelines are important and should be followed in most maps. However, they are not rules, so they may be broken in special cases. If you want to break a guideline, ask yourself this, "Does what I'm about to do make sense? Is it more fun to play like this compared to sticking to the guidelines?" If you answer yes to both these questions, then it is probably okay.

  • Life Drain rate is suggested to be at least 7 or higher to get same HP drain rate in IIDX.
  • Overall Difficulty should be:

9-10 when using mainly notes and just a few amount of holds

7-8 when using a mix a balanced notes and holds

5-6 when using mostly holds

  • Only use breaks when they are necessary, for example an absolute silent period within the song.
  • You should use at least two different key amounts for your set. It is suggested to make your set more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Using SV changes are allowed only if there is a significant change in the music's mood/pace/theme. Magnitude of SV changes are up to mapper's discretion.
  • Different key amounts within a mapset should have a similiar difficulty spread. This is to keep parity between different key amounts and satisfy different key amount players.

xK Reference

Note: 1K, 2K, 3K, 9K and 10K are from the new unstable update, so not recommended to mapping it now.

Keys (CS) Game
1K Vuvu Hero
2K O2Jam U (2K)
3K TapTap, FreQuency/Amplitude
4K Dance Dance Revolution/Stepmania (Single), EZ2ON (RubyMix), O2Jam U (4K)
5K pop'n music (5K), O2Jam U (5K), Pump it Up (Single)
6K EZ2ON (StreetMix)
6K (L) beatmania (P1)
6K (R) beatmania (P2)
7K O2Jam, pop'n music (7K)
8K Dance Dance Revolution/Stepmania (Double), EZ2ON (SpaceMix)
8K (L) beatmaniaIIDX (P1)
8K (R) beatmaniaIIDX (P2)
9K pop'n music, E5 - Dancing Super Station (Single).
10K MuziBox, Pump It Up (Double)
12K Keyboardmania (Light)
16K beatmaniaIIDX (Double)
18K E5 - Dancing Super Station (Double).

Not included: Keyboardmania (Light+, Real) [24K] and (Double) [48K].