The people listed below are the core of the osu!team, and are chiefly responsible for helping make the game awesome for everyone.


Name Description
peppy Project lead


Name Description
Chaos Moderation and community advisor
cYsmix Audio design & official osu! Featured Artist
deadbeat World Cup organisation and administration
Ephemeral Project/community maintenance and Featured Artist outreach
flyte Lead designer, osu!next
HappyStick osu! Coffee Hour host, World Cup streaming and tournament organisation
JBHyperion Modding and mapping scene advisor
juankristal World Cup organisation and administration
Mao Modding and mapping scene advisor
nanaya osu!web developer
Nathanael General housekeeping and moderation advisor
nekodex osu!web developer & official osu! Featured Artist
notbakaneko osu!web developer
Nyquill osu! development, Mappers' Guild organisation
Okoratu Modding and mapping scene advisor
pishifat Modding and mapping scene advisor, Mappers' Guild organisation, and osu!academy professor
RBRat3 osu!painter, Cool stuff maker-guy extraordinaire
Repflez General housekeeping and wiki maintenance
Shiro General housekeeping and Featured Artist assistant
smoogipooo osu!mania development, Bug busting
Tom94 pp development
Trosk- General housekeeping
yelle osu!store management
Zallius Endangered species


Name Description
awp General housekeeping and help, game/site chibi artwork, Barrel Roll Weekly
Derekku General housekeeping, Community management
Echo osu! dev team, IRC integration of in-game chat, Site maintenance, Blog
Intermezzo osu! dev team, osz2/p2p backend
Jim Original site design, Brand New Games
Loctav World Cup organisation and administration, QAT leadership and community management
LuigiHann Epic skin design, Contributions to default skin and iconset, DeviantArt
mm201 osu! dev team, mm sliders
nuudles osu! iPhone dev
Phil Forum design work
Sarumaru Original pippi concept and artwork design, DeviantArt
Sinistro Early community management and leadership, Meeting minutes, FAQ contributions
woc2006 osu! dev team, osu!mania mode dev
ztrot osu!academy professor, Media/character design

User Groups

Name Description
Global Moderation Team Keeping watch over the forums and in-game chat
Beatmap Nomination Group Users going above and beyond the call to ensure your maps get qualified
Developers Making the game awesome by adding new features and fixing the bugs
osu! Alumni Those known for their contributions who have since moved on
Support Team Redux Help/Feature Request assistance
Quality Assurance Team We help you enjoy osu!, starting with assuring the quality of beatmaps.