History of osu!


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As skinning elements expanded, the element, playfield.jpg was removed in it's line of duty and replaced with a new generic one that is unskinnable. playfield.jpg was an element that allowed you to use any image as the default background of a beatmap, if one isn't supplied.

playfield.jpg was no more


peppy removes download restrictions*!



As always, many new things were added to osu! One being the new login screen. Another being the new system for scrolling in mania. It was to be based off of the beatmap's bpm rather than a fixed scroll! New intro and outro sequence and an awesome theme song were added into osu!, rather than a random beatmap's music to be played. And many discovered that osu! was pronounced as \oss!\, not \osU!\.

Lastly, leading to peppy making a tough decision to release osu!test.exe (now osu!cuttingedge) for anyone. This was to allow non-osu!supporters to debug osu! Where the newest (or latest) builds of osu! would be updated to any client. That was, if they're wanting to use it's unstable/experimental features. Every function was given in osu!cuttingedge except for multiplayer (osu!supporter was required).


"Merry Christmas" as peppy wrote with an update that had snow (current game mode icon) falling in the main screen!