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ummm idk if this is a stupid question but do you guys usually sketch out (like on paper) a certain part of your skin (e.g the ranking panel) to see how the different components will look like together before actually doing it in photoshop or any other software. Im asking this question because i feel like im lost on what to do with my ranking panel design and i have gone through so many different versions but im still not satisfied with any of them. I feel that maybe one of the reasons that that im not satisfied with the design of my ranking panel is because i suck at designing. I also cant seem to find good images for my skin (im working a anime skin btw) alot of people told me to use pixiv as there are a lot of good iamges there but i cant seem to find any good ones. Later someone told me that i had to find good artists on pixiv as the searches mainly dont show you great images, so can anyone recommend me any good artists on pixiv (mainly artist who are good in drawing anime) If any of you guys have any other tips on how i can be better at designing and not be so lost, i really appreciate them. Help is much appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.

(sorry for the long post really desperate and lost rn)
(P.s. if any of you are wondering what anime skin im doing, the anime is called quintessential quintuplets. Your free to search it up)
I just go with a flow or expand initial idea, all my skins came from one element that I was playing with at the time.
And I don't see point in sketching something just "experiment" in actual project file (I have my PS documents setup that I can see how it will look in game without a game)
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I feel that sketching is helpful because i think i will have a better idea of how i can make my skin and not wonder around aimlessly and waste time. If you get what im saying.
It can be hard to search pixiv without knowing japanese, so you can either click on the discovery tab as it will show you good artists; or google search what your looking for and add pixiv at the end of the search. Another good site would be deviantart (although this has mainly western art) or (be careful this ones NSFW but is all anime).

For ideas I would just look at different skins, searching for top/best osu skins should give you good results. I'm not the type to really sketch out a plan when I skin, so can't help you there.
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