Hanabasami Kyo - Charles (Arrange ver.)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020년 5월 17일 일요일 at 오전 1:26:44

Artist: Hanabasami Kyo
Title: Charles (Arrange ver.)
Tags: バルーン balloon vocaloid Vtuber syaruru re:act ハサミウタ hasami_uta japanese novelty 歌ってみた sharuru hehe handsome garden flask dh02
BPM: 142
Filesize: 7811kb
Play Time: 01:21
Difficulties Available:
  1. Flask's Normal (1.94 stars, 158 notes)
  2. Garden's Insane (3.84 stars, 338 notes)
  3. Hard (2.89 stars, 195 notes)
  4. hehe's Extra (4.86 stars, 342 notes)
  5. Reaching You (4.86 stars, 356 notes)

Download: Hanabasami Kyo - Charles (Arrange ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

with Flask, Garden, hehe
hitsounds by hehe
storyboard by DH02
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