Should I use Relax mod to improve?

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Context: I am close to being a 4 digit and have been practicing seriously recently. I've been spamming 5min+ maps with nf to improve finger control and consistency but I feel like my aim needs improvement so here's my question.

Question: If I were to play harder maps above my general star rating or just DT aim maps with RX would it be a reliable way to improve?

I understand doing 2 things at once such as tapping and aiming is what's important but I think my aiming is falling behind my taps but don't know if focusing on one hand is the right way to go. Would love some input, thanks! :)
You aim differently if your tapping is irrelevant. It does not carry over at all.
What you need to do to improve your aim is playing aim maps that are easy on your tap hand in terms of required focus and thus allow you to focus solely on your aim.

Endaris wrote:

You aim differently if your tapping is irrelevant.
It's more like you have one less thing to focus on, so aiming becomes easier
Depressed Kanna
This is from my own experience and it will probably have 0 relation to you, but, I do think that playing relax for an extended amount of time helped my aim. Let me begin by saying that by an extended amount of time, I mean for months in a row.

I played relax from the date of my account creation, Feb 2018, all the way till Christmas Day 2018. (I got my tablet and mechanical keyboard for Christmas) I was stuck behind the "Hardware Wall" idea, I thought that I couldn't improve because I didnt have a mechanical keyboard. So instead of practicing and getting better at the game over time through normal progression, I played relax for 10 or so months.

In my case, it did help my aim substantially, at the time I was trying to recreate all of Shige's "famous" plays, and that kept me busy for the longest time. However, there are severe drawbacks to playing relax for an extended period of time. When I started to play ranked for the first time, I had 0 tap skills, seeing as though I had never tapped when playing.

In the end, I think using relax to practice aim only helps some, and impairs others. It really depends on you. For me, I think that it has helped me get to where I am today, but for you, it may be different.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you are enjoying the game. There are TONS of haters who will scoff at the sight of relax plays, so don't take it personally when people arent really caring about what youre doing. Just focus on yourself. :)
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