El Cuarteto de Nos - Ya no se que hacer conmigo...

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on viernes, 21 de febrero de 2020 at 22:11:09

Artist: El Cuarteto de Nos
Title: Ya no se que hacer conmigo
Tags: raro spanish español rock alternativo alternative uruguay roberto musso ricki musso santiago tavella alvaro pintos Coryn
BPM: 102
Filesize: 5956kb
Play Time: 04:00
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cambio (3,66 stars, 953 notes)
  2. Coryn's Muzukashii (2,93 stars, 820 notes)

Download: El Cuarteto de Nos - Ya no se que hacer conmigo
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

El cambio recae en cuan innovadora es tu rutina.

Here's the link to the original ''Cambio'' diff, with the weird 1/3 snaps, if you like weird stuff and want to give it a try owob

Special thanks to Coryn for doing the Muzukashii diff!


  1. Etsu :derp:
  2. Capu I really love this guy :derp:
  3. Alepat By IRC. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Konpaku Sariel Thanks a lot, you really took your time owob
  5. Cychloryn Hi u here again :derp:
  6. frz thanks :eh:
  7. rubies87 the guy who decided to mod my map instead of having breakfast like wtf
  8. Ulqui the guy who killed the 1/3 snaps :derp: and who made this map cooler lml
  9. Vulkin wn grax
  10. eiri- nwn

To all the people who hyped this map, and to you, who are playing this!
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