Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [CatchTheBeat]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on sobota, 30 listopada 2019 at 13:45:26

Artist: Feint
Title: Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa)
Tags: monstercat 010 conquest dnb drum and bass
BPM: 174
Filesize: 3176kb
Play Time: 01:50
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cup (1,4 stars, 97 notes)
  2. Overdose (5,28 stars, 342 notes)
  3. Platter (3,25 stars, 184 notes)
  4. Rain (4,32 stars, 250 notes)
  5. Salad (2,29 stars, 165 notes)

Download: Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
awaiting bn check (read: dead)

cup by me
salad by me
platter also by me
rain surprisingly by me
guess who made the overdose? me

thank you jakkubon for combo colors

audio and timing stolen from Cancel's set

modded ingame by:
-Du5t (basically everything but mostly platter)
-Dapuluous (salad)
sorry if i forgot about anyone
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