DragonForce - Three Hammers

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on dimanche 31 mai 2020 at 00:16:54

Artist: DragonForce
Title: Three Hammers
Tags: powermetal itswinter silence player deathstream stream power metal rock firetongue8 Maximum Overload speed legend Sam Totman Frédéric Frederic Leclercq Vadim Pruzhanov Dave Mackintosh Herman Li Marc Hudson English 09kami
BPM: 128
Filesize: 11966kb
Play Time: 05:44
Difficulties Available:
  1. In The Burning Red Sky (7,84 stars, 1599 notes)

Download: DragonForce - Three Hammers
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Thanks to: MrKosiej and Bibbity Bill for ig mods,
also TheKingHenry for first BN mods :flushed: and Crissa.

mp3 taken from Jenny's Three Hammers.

Timing by Crissa Thanks, HARD timing fix from fieryrage.

Hitsounds come from 09kami and ItsWinter. (SILENCE PLAYER)

Funny Banner idea come from Woey, from his Extraction Zone.

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