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I believe that many of us Taiko players are stressed by the building combo numbers for we are afraid the combo will break. The immense stress usually results with a comboburst and a ragequit. So the stress will probably go away if we don't see the combo numbers. So please add a feature where it's possible to turn off combo numbers.

tl;dr: combo numbers are stressing, please add a feature to turn it off.
Rei Hakurei
make default-0.png till default-9.png transparent then, (for simple way)
or change the defaultfontmapping on skin.ini (not sure the field name) and change it to empty one uh i forget if it will be replaced by the default one..
You'll still stress because you'll either "oh shit I still haven't missed!" or "oh shit I'm doing good, I hope I didn't miss earlier!"
This isn't exclusive to taiko mode, osu! as a whole, or even just videogames. And turning the combo number off really won't change it much... then your "my combo is X" thoughts will just change to "I haven't missed in a while" thoughts.

Speaking from experience here.
I'd suggest playing Relax, but unlike standard mode, the Taiko mode Relax does show the combo (Taiko Relax doesn't really seem to do much beyond zeroing the score). Skining is the easy was to remove the combo count... one of the things I hate about skins on maps is that the numbers will be skinned for standard, with no concern for the fact that that might make them practically invisible in Taiko (I'm looking at you, Nightcore skin, with your thin white borderless numbers).

But I'm fine with adding a toggle for the combo counter... especially if we can use it to turn on the combo count on the modes that don't currently display it (there's no way to skin around that).
haha, what.
Why people get stressed in Taiko?
I never had stress in any mode and if people got stressed by this way, they should change something at their Skin, that's all.
Not neccessary to add a Toggle for this.
tldr; quit and take a holiday. reduce stress. come back.
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