iDOL@NSTER (osu!standard and osu!mania) 2019

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Hey everybody!
osu! UCI is proud to present iDOL@NSTER at Zotcade 2019! The event is hosted in conjunction with The Association of Gamers at UC Irvine. Come out and participate in our tournament, hang out with fellow players, or even check out the other events at Zotcade!

Date: May 19th, 2019
Location: Moss Cove at University of California, Irvine (See this site for more info!)

Here are some photo albums from our past events, SWOL and LAN Dream! Spring Irvine Party!

Lobby and Matches
• Missing your match counts as a loss; no rematches will be made
• ScoreV2 win condition
• Other rules are explained in the format infographic or at the event. You can also ask us on Discord

• On first disconnect, the opponent decides to rematch or not
• Second and further disconnects are counted as losses

Match Reporting
• Both players will have to report into the main desk together to report their scores
• Both players must unanimously agree on the winner of the match
• In the case of disagreement a referee will check the match history link provided and make a judgement call

Misconduct & Cheating
• Unsportsmanlike behavior and harassment will not be tolerated and can factor into your removal
• Any sort of verbal harassment towards another in the tourney will NOT be tolerated. This includes referees, bystanders, and any other attendees of the LAN
• Players will have their computers inspected prior to the beginning of matches to ensure that there are no illegal programs running at the time
• Under no circumstances are players allowed to touch the peripherals or computer of another without explicit permission

Any disregard for these rules will be met with punishment, ranging from a warning to immediate disqualification. It will be up to the discretion of the staff to punish based on the severity of the offense. *Disclaimer: These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice, and hence should be reviewed frequently.

• 1st Place: Profile badge + HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset
• 2nd Place: HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard
• 3rd Place: HyperX Pulsefire FPS Mouse

(for both osu!standard and osu!mania)

Host: osu!UCI
Referees: ilalalalayou, jlin_02, Kenny, migin, phamitsu, Riku on osu, _Breeze
Streamers: iShipxx, R34pling
Casters: Kenny, migin, pishifat, Riku on osu, _Breeze
Mappoolers: jlin_02, Kenny, migin, Riku on osu, _Breeze, [KoKo]
Special thanks to Skydendrin for the graphics!

migin wrote:

Casters: Kenny, migin, pishifat, Riku on osu, _Breeze

whats wrong pishi ??
Jared on osu
hajimemashou the second gaeest lan
oh no not another one of these ...
gamers, it is time to hajimemashou
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