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Here you may post artists you feel could be a good fit for the osu! featured artist lineup. The staff in charge of licensing artists will check here occasionally and look into artists suggested.

Please be sure to mention why they'd be a good fit if you have good reasons! It is also helpful to supply a link where it's easy to access a lot of the artist's work, such as a website, bandcamp page, or album crossfade.
posting these as track updates from FB/associated aliases on behalf of Walter

For Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb), recommendations for a future batch of songs could be:

- Stinger (Drain Mode On EP)
- Please Don't Remember (Flexing Habitual)
- Dishevel and Autumn Insomnia Session (Kirlian Selections)
- That Missing Week and Our Furry Past Life (That Missing Week)
- Warm Hands In Cold Fog (Soundtrack To A Vacant Life)
- Wake Up, Gladiator (Love Is A Dark Hallway)
- Ripcord (Old Trees (1999 - 2011))
- I Love (Orange Things) (Programable Love Songs Vol. 1, as Flexe)
- Ah Shwe Bah (I'll Care If You Do + Get Mad Now, as Dr. Lefty)

oh and Caravan Palace
  1. Sennzai
    1. SoundCloud:
    2. YouTube:
    3. Bandcamp:
    4. Misc: Twitter
  2. YUC'e
    1. Website:
    2. SoundCloud:
    3. YouTube:
    4. Bandcamp:
    5. Misc: Twitter
  3. YKMM
    1. Website:
    2. YouTube:
    3. Misc: Twitter
  4. Aitsuki Nakuru (藍月なくる)/Endorfin.
    1. Website: Aitsuki Nakuru | Endorfin.
    2. SoundCloud: Aitsuki Nakuru | Endorfin.
    3. YouTube (Aitsuki Nakuru):
    4. Bandcamp (Endorfin.):
    5. Misc: Twitter (Aitsuki Nakuru) | Twitter (Endorfin.)
  5. Kanae Asaba
    1. Website:
    2. SoundCloud:
    3. YouTube:
    4. Bandcamp:
    5. Misc: Twitter

I believe that the works of all the artists I mentioned above are in line with the array of currently ranked beatmaps, which is quite dominated by Japanese (mostly females?) vocals. Most of them do have at least some electronic influences, which is what the current FA catalog is favoring at the moment, but perhaps the vocals will be able to balance them out, providing a certain amount of variety that also resonates with what's popular in the ranked maps section, making them more likely to be mapped.
1. Sushi Killer

amazing and quite underrated (in my opinion) future bass artist i've listened to few years ago. my personal favorite:

2. Iglooghost

critically acclaimed artist who has a childish, playful style to his beautifully complex arranged music, which would be a perfect fit for osu!. my personal favorite: and the infamous Lil Pump remix

i would put more artists but i currently don't have any on top of my head that would fit for osu!. would love these two if they were FA though <3
1. Lhou :
2. Umeboshi Chazuke :
3. Silentroom :
4. Frums :
5. goreshit :
7. KOAN Sound :
8. AAAA :
9. android52 :
10. Ariabl'eyes :

I do think most of these artists make music with rhythm game in mind. They're also pretty well known in other rhythm games as well as osu! itself
1. YUC'e:


3. Silent Siren

4. lapix

5. Laur

i believe these artist was famous in osu! and their songs in ranked section was play a lot of people.
  1. RSK
    1. Twitter:
    2. Soundcloud:

Seems to be rather an unknown artist but makes some really cool and catchy chiptune songs. Many of them are already downloadable on Soundcloud for free, but i would love to see this one as a Featured Artist in the future because i think the music would fit great into a rhythm game.


  1. tomatoism
    1. Soundcloud:
    2. Bandcamp:
    3. Mixcloud:
    4. Twitter:

Another pretty cool artist would be tomatoism. DnB and Wubs all the way just in cute. Could be especially interesting for future osu!mania beatmaps. But ofc other game modes too xP
Hard to explain. Needs a listen to understand it! :3

Would be cool to see some tech mappers create something from these songs. Also some of them are nice.

2. ExileLord

I personally call him the "Legend" in Guitar Hero/Clone Hero community because he's know for his Soulless series but he have other projects besides Soulless memes.

3. Reol

Don't really need to explain too much about Reol. This band rocks!

Keep in mind that it's my own personal list but it would be really good if they would become a Featured Artists one day.
1. Frums

Frums stuff is really unique and out of the ordinary, and I think a lot of his songs can be used for some interesting and challenging stuff.

2. Iris

A pretty all-round kind of artist that makes EDM-ish and techno-like songs.


Mains vocaloid music that can sound pretty interesting.

Ephemeral wrote:

oh and Caravan Palace

Oh my pants

LapFox Trax / Halley Labs:
Offers a lot of different genres and styles of music, going from various -core music over Experimental and Electro House, to Gabber, Chiptune, Hip Hop and DnB. Plenty songs of their label have been mapped already and still are well loved by people and while it may not work so easily with certain songs using specific sound samples they still offer many original tracks from all these genres.

Contact (via Bandcamp):
  1. ZenSupremacy
    1. Website:
    2. SoundCloud:
    3. Bandcamp:
    4. Spotify:
    5. Twitter:

An interesting Amsterdam-based label that seems to focus on the more contemporary/"progressive"/"future" sub-genres of electronic music. This kind of electronic music is quite distinct from the current FA catalog, so I believe the songs will be a fine addition that doesn't majorly overlap with the current electronic offerings in the library.

My personal favorite track is "Love Is True", which can be found here.

A majority (or all of them?) of the tracks are also available for free downloads, under this Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).
AAAA Hisui Chazuke a.k.a. "A-Hi-Cha" / ああ…翡翠茶漬け… (,,

  1. AAAA / ああああ (,,
  2. Umeboshi Chazuke / 梅干茶漬け (,,
  3. Hino Isuka / 翡乃イスカ (,,

In my words, we don't have enough cutesy artists to balance out the Featured Artists lineup. Just look at each of them! AAAA is a meticulous musician when it comes to his music, Umeboshi Chazuke with all that chiptune, and Hino Isuka with the Future, Hi-Tech, and Happy Hardcore; along with some Muuta Murata on the side, this group will awe you. I've seen their recent G2R2018 entries ("rainbow", "Stray Toy's Adventure", and "#be_fortunate") as well as their previous and recent work on both the BMS front and on their Soundcloud accounts. I must say, some of the best work the group put up had to be "Maginal Frontier (マージナル*フロンティア)", "Hoshi No Kakeru Adventure (☆をかけるアドベンチャー)", "Panic! Pop'n! Picnic!", "Dreamer" (which is based on a BMS arrange of "His Theme" from Undertale), and "Wakare no Namida wa Mata Au Hi made (別れの涙はまた逢う日まで)"! WE HAD to get them into the lineup; they are too cute to pass up!
Though this artist may not be well known in the community, I think they'd be a pretty fantastic addition to the lineup due to the type of music they create. They're known for creating groovy future funk/garage/jersey songs that blend in other mediums such as anime and k-pop. The complex rhythms they utilize in their higher intensity songs would be fun to map imo.
Main soundcloud account:
Alias soundcloud account:
Example tracks: ,

although unknown to the osu! community (0 beatmaps of it), this blackgaze/post-metal band is beloved by so many first-time listeners to heavy fans of metal (citation needed). just listen for yourself :)

essential tracks: Dream House, Luna, Honeycomb, and their newest and heaviest work yet, Black Brick
1. xi
An artist whose songs have been mapped several times by multiple people, in many rhythm games, creating some of the most wonderful songs in the artcore genre. With the iconic songs FREEDOM DiVE and Ascension to Heaven and many other amazing ones, this is an artist loved by the osu community and it goes without saying, would be a perfect choice for a featured artist.

2. R3 Music Box
One of the most controversial artists in the osu community at the moment, R3 Music Box creates thousands of covers of different songs using MIDI conversion. Apart from the fact that R3 songs play a big role in the mapping scene, this "artist's" songs create the opportunity for the use of the technique known as "keysounding", which, when correctly done, is amazing to play, and their songs also support low BPM music fit for begginers, which is something the featured artist listing is currently missing.
R3 Music Box YouTube channel:

3. Inferi
Some of the hardest maps in osu! have been created using this band's music. Many of their tracks have high BPM's, making them a good fit for high level osu! maps.
Inferi bandcamp:
Vexun Choronus
Morgan David King (MDK)

His music style is incredible and he makes some of the coolest electronic tracks out there!
#1 Mameyudoufu

The main reasons for this artist is down to the fact that there's a vast amount of songs from different genre's as well as some very unique fast paced songs which could be great for all modes. Being a fan of music producing I can safely say that this experience of music goes to a whole new level. Suggest starting off with this song first as it's a perfect fit for osu! imo

#2 Meganeko

Meganeko I see as being very much like either Nanobii or Hyper Potions with it's high pitch chiptune songs. I find that a lot of these are in osu!'s interest from existing featured artists. There're also different styles too though. I believe the most popular of his songs is "Milkshake"
A little bit digging I can suggest one artist which perfectly fits to not only for Russian genre but for DnB as well:

Neuromonakh Feofan (Нейромонах Феофан) - he's been always quite popular because of our stereotypes but what he and other staff makes is really good and I would like to see this artist on osu! It has been previously ranked for tracks such as Vezde plyashu and Tak i znay. I think all mappers with different skills and knowledge can map almost all of his tracks. A perfect fit into osu! library.
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