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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 28 October 2019 at 07:49:51

Artist: mrsimon
Title: Pow
Tags: 2001 nickelodeon electronic remix The Fairly OddParents fairy cartoon magic
BPM: 172
Filesize: 4471kb
Play Time: 02:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Best Day Ever (5.46 stars, 649 notes)
  2. Easy (1.95 stars, 190 notes)
  3. Hard (3.38 stars, 511 notes)
  4. Insane (4.45 stars, 585 notes)
  5. Normal (2.54 stars, 366 notes)

Download: mrsimon - Pow
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Thanks for 100 favourites! And 100,000 plays! :D

Thanks modders, you're epic

Last mrsimon map, then I'll map another pog artist as well as mrsimon >:)

Thanks Rizen and Sonnyc so much for helping me rank this, it took so long but I'm so glad I eventually found you guys who really enjoyed it!

Epic Music Video:

Fun time with bg:
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