Option to save failed replays

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peppy pls
Y tho?

To show how bad you are?
Doge Owner
Looks like a good idea.
after 6 years this isn't implemented yet? c'mon! we need this!
hope it isnt a bad thing to revive this, i've wanted this feature for so many plays where i do outstanding for a brief moment and then just die immediately afterwards
I agree with UnityParadox and CaptainSlimey. After 6 years with overwhelming response, I think it's clear that people want it. Having to open a screen capture software just to view a replay is a bit excessive. And if you want to replay a certain section to see what went wrong (eg Messed up a pattern on Mania and wanted to learn a pattern) you shouldn't have to record it. Even more so if you wanted to share the replay to a friend.

TecSopurtINDIA wrote:

Y tho?

To show how bad you are?
No, some failed replays could have had some random epic godmode
please we need this

i have a lot of godmode failed scores, saving them would be great so i could see them again in the future and say "lol wtf is this choke"

about the grade, it could be a red F just like it shows in the new site when you pass a map with shit acc
How has this actually not been implemented yet. Surely adding a button to save failed replays can't be that hard when we can view them with F1?
yes pls add this feature
This is a good idea! I would really like to see this implemented.
please add this osu gods its been 6 years
Riviclia Lover
Yep, that's something I wanted to see in game for a while now, hope saving those replays will be possible someday.
Hell yeah, that would be cool.
Pls add this.
The Gambler
Weirdly enough, sometimes you can save failed replays in multiplayer. Maybe because the song completes and places a sort of end marker in the osr file. Kinda like a regular replay, but failed. I wouldn't know how osu handles end markers midway through a song without breaking the game.

These are just assumptions on my part, but saved failed attempts are possible as long as the song completes.
still waiting. this is especially useful for pass players
And we are still waiting...
peppy pls
this thread rofl
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