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Sakura Blossom

1* I'll mod any map/mapset you add here as best i can~

2* I like all types of music although i like "Anime/Techno/EDM" Music the most so i will be a bit better at modding these types of songs~

3* Depending on how many maps i have in my Queue ill mod your map faster/sooner if you M4M (Mod For Mod) for me, but besides that it’s on a first come first serve basis~

4* Im creating this Mod Queue to help mappers New or Old to improve, whilst im improving my skill with modding~

5* I don't like Country music although im willing to mod it, i might not put much effort into it~

6* I can also help find the bpm/offset for your song if you are having trouble~

7* If I have left good and helpful mods please refer this modding queue to a friend~

8* I can help do little photoshop help with your Background, such as Flip image, blur text, add text~

9* Don’t forget I’m human and have things going on outside of osu as well but I will do my best to complete the mods for you♡

Thank you for reading the rules, ill get your map completed as soon as i can. I’ll send a PM on the website when mod’s are complete.
hi nm request
NM please-- I'm trying to get some feedback about how good my map is and if it's ready for rank or not. So if you mod this, I'd also like some general comments on how I did and how I can do better. Thanks a lot (Mitchie M, Birthday Song for Miku)
NHI set, 2:59 length, top diff 4.18*, 210 bpm
nm request can M4M if it means i get a mod a lot sooner though no guarantee on quality
epes2001 773 nm request

I really need more feedback on my maps right now to improve, I'm really glad if you could help me out

Anime song

Thank you!
Mak Kau Hijau

M4m, has a lot of mods already, im hoping to rank this.

All diffs please, thanks!
Hey, NM request for first map.

Chihara Minori
hello there, yea im still dying to push this old set rank
would be cool if you could give a check

have a good day and happy holiday
Lazy Cat Soup
nm mode activat, 4 rank

don need to mod 2 many diffs

Hello, I would like to order a mod for my precious map *cough*
Alright now for real: Hey, I saw your message on discord and... why not give it a try!
So here i am willing for M4M! if not ... well then i guess at least i tried

The song is Camellia's remix Chrono diver!
-length 5:14
-SR 6,60
Is mainly calm but gets really intense and technical in the end.

Have a nice day and thank you! :)

PS - please keep in mind that i mod everything as good as i can but please let it be one marathon or a basic mapset - means please no 4:59 min mapset with 10 diffs where i need to mod every diff. perfect lenght would be 1-3/3:30 minutes (maybe even 4 minutes). i can mod any star rating except for normal or easy diffs.
nm (has a lot of mods in insane, not so much in other diffs, 2:09 dt a diff, 4 diffs)

-or- (not modded yet, 1:03 dt a diff, 3 diffs)

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