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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Players make scores but have no way to display them permanently other than getting a high pp play or #1 on leaderboards. Additionally, scores on unranked maps will never display on profile. I propose an extra profile section so that:
  1. Players can display any scores on their profile as a challenge for other players, likely their friends, to beat
  2. Players have an easy way to keep track their improvement across maps they regularly play

Each score in the list would display the following:
  1. Date achieved
  2. Name of beatmap, and link to it
  3. Optional link to screenshot of results screen
  4. Optional link to replay file
  5. Score
  6. Combo
  7. Accuracy

Players would be able to sort the list either by combo, accuracy, pp, score, or date achieved.

Edit: 1/5/19 [ Additional features ]
  1. Ability to download all of the maps in the list. Currently players use favorites to have a list of maps to download from, which has not really been the point in favorites as far as I understand. So this would offer a more accessible and easier way to recover the maps.
  2. An additional "heart" column for indicating whether the you favorited the map or not. Favorites would still remain since their main purpose is to provide a visual indicator for maps many players like, and an extra column for this wouldn't hurt. That said, the current favorites profile section would become redundant and I see it being replaced by request.
  3. An additional column for gamemode indication. It would take an extra click for players browsing the list to know if the difficulty is standard or mania or some other gamemode. An indication would allow browsing through the maps less annoying.
  4. An extra column for stars. If players are browsing they prob want to know if the difficulty is within their play range
  5. An option to filter by gamemode and star difficulty to make the browsing process easier
  6. An option to hide columns because there is prob too many listed at this point to fit. This would behave as a global setting for the player who is browsing.

This is starting to become multi-purpose. Other players can browse maps other players are playing, players can keep track of their scores, download the maps other players are playing, etc. It's like a map and score sharing center for each player.
I don't think we need this
Yes I'm with it ! And why not just add a section to display scores a player would be proud of (hard passes, even on ranked maps) ?
I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate.
I could search it up but I know that you're capable of using search too.
Also, why wouldn't you suggest this in the osu-web repo instead?

Endaris wrote:

I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate.
This allows to include any map, include screenshot, and replay along with it so there is support for unranked. You know, basic stuff required to show some legitimacy when posting Dan scores. I have not found a request that allows to do such things.

Endaris wrote:

Also, why wouldn't you suggest this in the osu-web repo instead?
I feel like this needs to be talked about and fleshed out before making an actual request there. The way I see it, feature request has become an rough concept discussion subforum while the github repos are for the real thing.
Added new features which I think many people would love to see and renamed the request to a better name
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