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Hi, this is my PrismaIllya skin and it's my first skin.
> This skin is made for 16:9
> My skin uses illustrations from other people and they are listed here
and also can be found in the skin file (\\OSU\Skins\PrismaIllya\-EXTRA-\-Credits and Sources-.xlsx)
> I would love to hear your feedback!

It is nice that you provide links to the sources, but one of the links is NSFW. You need to remove that immediatly. Linking to NSFW stuff ins't allowed on the forum.
Also, you should say in your post that it contains the source for the images used, rn it kinda sounds like you would steel skin elements.
I'm so sorry about that. I've removed the NSFW link and I also put a link to view credits and sources online. Also the 2 download links have been updated.
just cute....
I would prefer the spinner image go behind the spinner and not in front of it but that’s not that major. The ranking panel image covers up the save replay and add to favourites button, I don’t know if that’s a problem only I have but I thought I should mention it.

but it’s a good skin
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