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Author: Fatal3ty

Credit: Fatal3ty

Version 1.2 - 21.11.2018

This Skin is for standard only. I have never planned for other modes and is my last skin i made.

This Skin is a remake from the original Skin: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/30060

Anime theme based skin. This skin was a really hard task (skinning a good anime skin is harder for me than without anime) For weak PC's: please delete @2x.png, or else they will your performance.Important: Skin will be worked for 16:9 Only.

Extra Folder included now for some options!

Posted this skin version v1.0
Flandre Scarlet v1.1
- Fixed the Skip-Button
- Menusounds added
- fixed mode-small for Taiko/Mania/Ctb
Flandre Scarlet v1.2
- Extra folder added for some options
- sliderscorepoint added
- remove Comboburst and Hitlight

Flandre Scarlet v1.2 - download here from puush (38MB size)

Flandre Scarlet v1.2 (38 MB size) - download here from dropbox

Give me a feedback for bugfixed or optimized. This is not 100% finale
Pretty good, but I found quite a few issues while using this skin. I'll list some of them:
  1. back button says "skip" instead of the usual "back"
  2. mode-taiko/fruits/mania-small are different from mode-osu-small
  3. the whole bottom portion of the song selection is on selection-mode, causing a few problems in the multiplayer song selection screen
  4. no custom interface sounds (i guess this is not really a problem if you like the default ones but most people would prefer other ones over these)
  5. spinner-circle looks somewhat off-centered
  6. pause-loop is dead silent making the pause/fail screens kind of eerie
I don't like Pause-Loop Sound. I know yesterday, i will update this menu-back, my contencrate are down. Spinner-Circle worked fine for me. :o

And more little bugfixed.

Edit: Update to 1.1 is avaiable
Pretty good skin. Minor fixes needed but all in all it's very good.
All good! liked it alot! Gonna wait for new one C:
10/10 would recommend
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