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ARForest - Altros [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020年1月10日 at 上午 7:53:52

Artist: ARForest
Title: Altros
Source: MUSYNX
Tags: PABAT! 2017 k-bms inukoro artcore bms musync electronic instrumental
BPM: 195
Filesize: 21265kb
Play Time: 01:43
Difficulties Available:
  1. Another - 4Key (3.57 stars, 816 notes)
  2. Hyper - 4Key (2.54 stars, 539 notes)
  3. Normal - 4Key (1.97 stars, 337 notes)

Download: ARForest - Altros
Download: ARForest - Altros (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
【PABAT! 2017】 【BMS Link】


Twitter | SoundCloud

Site | YouTube

For Rank

(Copy-pasted from comment)

Please enjoy this wonderful music by ARForest & background video by inukoro!
More details of the artist can be found in the Beatmap's Description.

I was really drawn in by the piano in the song and unique 8-bit feel background video so I decided to chart the song and give it a go for ranking~

Thanks to everyone that helped me out in this beatmap, I am really thankful for your hard work and precious time! It wouldn't have been possible without your help. (Detailed in 'Thanks' box in Description)

And thank you If you've decided to check this map out! I highly encourage you to give the hitsound & background video a try!
  1. Abraxos - Pattern consultation
  2. -Rem- - Pattern check
  3. riunosk - Testplay & SV check
  4. MapleSyrup- - SV consultation
  5. -MysticEyes - Pattern & Hitsound check
  6. Unpredictable - Pattern check & Poking me about ranking stuffs
  7. FAMoss - Hitsound check
  8. Dopaminos - Check
  9. Kamuy - Pattern check
  10. People who hyped the map: Unpredictable, -MysticEyes, Kamuy, Level 51, ET RuleBlazing, Pairoxd
  11. Testplayers during beatmap development (I don't remember all the names sorry...)

If I missed you out, I'm really really sorry! ><

I did the piano hitsounds by ear so don't bomb me if it's wrong lol
It's also my first time working with so many hitsounds so there's bound to be errors

Old Another difficulty
Hitsound difficulty

I hope bpm lines gimmick is rank-able
edit: Turns out it's not but I'm keeping it until the end

Tbh I wanna just remove the slowjams lol
edit: Gonna stick to original BMS chart speed changes, goodbye slowjams~
  1. Normal, Hyper, Another difficulty - Done
  2. Hitsound - Done
  3. Hitsound allocation check - Done
  4. Modding - Done? Hitsound:4/? Patterns:6/?
  5. Hype - Done 6/5
  6. Beatmap last check - Done in the morning
  7. BN check - Done, 2/2 Stage! 2/2 BN found
Simple broken JS
Occasional hands
97.5 bpm jacks

Columns: 1/2/3/4

Using 1 & 4 for kicks and cymbals, 3 & 2 for claps, and hit-hats, etc on any columns
Following pitch relevancy unless compromises had to be made.
Patterning wise, I mainly choose to focus more on the percussion sounds than the keyboard sounds.
I try to represent the keyboard sounds during kiai section while still sticking to '1 & 4 for kicks and cymbals, 3 & 2 for claps' foundation.
Ending kiai focuses on Kick, Clap and Piano sound, not much on the hit-hats. This is to try to emphaise the piano sound.

Focusing mainly on just the kicks & claps and occasionally some piano, synth, others sound.
1/2 rhythm, occasionally 1/4 for kicks or claps
No chords

Focusing mainly on kicks, claps, cymbal and occasionally some piano, synth, others sound.
Inclusion of jumps on cymbals and some piano sounds

Focusing mainly on kicks, claps, cymbal and occasionally some piano, synth, others sound.
Not layering all the hit-hats/snares.
Claps are now chords on 12 or 34
Cymbals will be chords regardless of having a kick or not.
11/11/18 - Submitted map with '_' difficulty
7/6/19 - Applied abraxos' mod on '_' diff, creating a remake difficulty 'Another'
9/6/19 - Created 'Normal' & 'Hyper' difficulty
9/6/19 - Applied -Rem-'s mod
10/6/19 - Reworked timing points as 0 bpm is not allowed for rank, Created 'Hitsound' difficulty for hitsounding
10/6/19 - OD & HP fix
11/6/19 - Created 'SV Test' difficulty for SV testing with help from riunosk & MapleSyrup-
11/6/19 - Updated 'Hitsound' difficulty with help from Raveille
12/6/19 - Finished hitsounding
12/6/19 - Applying hitsound to the difficulties
19/6/19 - Applied revamped SV
19/6/19 - Deleted '_' difficulty and placed it in description for download
22/10/19 - Revive?
31/12/19 - Revived, finished hitsounding kiai
1/1/20 - Fixed allocation of hitsounds to notes
1/1/20 - Checked Patterns on Normal & Hyper difficulty
6/1/20 - Applied Unpredictable's irc mod
6/1/20 - Added video (The quality is very butchered due to Ranking Criteria of Filesize...)
6/1/20 - Removed 'hitsound' difficulty and placed it in the description for download
9/1/20 - Checked through patterns with help from Unpredictable's help
9/1/20 - Nominated!
10/1/20 - Applied Kamuy's irc mod
10/1/20 - Popped bubble due to update
And so on - Qualify & Rank?
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