How did everyone discover osu?

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my school computer lmfao
I watched Miraie when he was still relevant
I actually play a private server on "Dragonica aka Dragon saga" then I meet someone post a music about this game like two three time I was like is that a music? Or a game (He did post cookiezi TU4R score and matzcore I still remember..) then I was curious and I wanted to try the game and I really liked it.. but obviously I get tortured by a lot of insane impossible map for me at this time.
Now I don't even remember his name at all.. sadly..
Nate Bait
When i was horribly young, one time my older sister met up with some of her friends, and i guess one of them brought a large iPad which contained osu!stream (when that still existed). I remember watching them play being intrigued by the circles and sliders. I even got a shot at it once. Much later, we got it on our family iPod touch and i'd play it a lot if i had the chance.

To summarize, i eventually moved on to osu!droid (when that existed too). Then i forgot about the game for several years until i ran into an osu! video in my recommendations on youtube. I had my first personal laptop by then, so i decided to give osu! on a computer a shot, which brings me here. :p

tl;dr I was first introduced to osu!stream
- Skylar -
my friend forced me to play osu

i didnt like it

cue couple months later

here i am now
A video called "When we were new to Osu!" from "Miraie" appeared on my recommended videos back in 2017. I watched it and decided to give the game a try. Here I am 2 years later and still going strong.
Found it from youtube
I first learned about osu back in 2014. Some guys and I were working CQ at tech school, and one guy pulled it out on his tablet (phone?) and was showing it to us. I thought it was pretty cool, but I never thought of it again.

Fast forward to 2018, and my brother is starting to get into it. I've watched him play a few times and it's really fascinating to me. So he finally convinces me to make an account and install it this past December. Well, I wasn't hooked initially. Maybe I was lost on how to start slow, maybe I just needed some songs I knew to get in the rhythm. I think I played maybe 4 maps and stopped.

Now it's the end of June, and for some reason I just felt the urge to give it another try. Now my brother and I are playing & talking about it all the time, and the rest is history. I've clocked about 25 hours so far. I've definitely improved, but it's crazy to see other people new to osu already on 4-5 star maps.
it's complicated.
from jakads, saw him on etterna and followed him here.
I was watching this guy who made a video about osu! his name was Ratorix and like 2-3 days after i watched the video i downloaded the game
My sister's boyfriend.

funny story: he had the skill level of a 50k player. and he introduced me to osu, and holy F***.
since that day, i never stopped playing it, it's become an addiction and a HUGE passion.

i was about 13-14 y.o i think at the time and my goal was to surpass him, in a year i surpassed him, and i kept going. eventually i reached Rank 20K and BOOM life got in the way.

Took a HUGE break. sorted my life out and now i've become much, much better. allthough i dont play for pp now. i should also mention that i've been transitionning to Mania.

so yeah that's my story. :)

i hope you have an awesome day!

I saw BeasttrollMc's video in my recommended, So i clicked on it and it was when he played Big black (Couple years ago) And i was astonished how fast he was clicking, Did some reasearch and downloaded the game and started playing
just like most people,i found it from youtube
I remember I saw this video and I thought it was cool so I first got the mobile version of the game because I was an idiot. After a few weeks of playing Opsu I decided to play the actual game and it felt 100x better than the mobile version. It kinda sucks that nobody I know plays Osu except for like one of my friends. All my other friends say the game is trash but what do they know they only played it for like 5 minutes.

This was the video I watched btw
I was an huge fan of the osu games on ds. When I found out that there was a pc version of it I signed the heck up right away. Like from day one all the way back in 2007 I was around. Did not really start playing seriously until about 3 months ago.

Also I like anime and there's lots of anime music which is cool.
[- Birdyx -]
I was a huge fan of league streamers and the one I used to watch in these times (2014) was boxbox, sometimes he stop playing league and switch to osu!, When I saw that game it looked really impressive to me so I downloaded the game and start to play (non seriously) and the most of times I have played I got a feel like I'm improving, all my osu sessions don't pass through 15 - 30 mins and I quit XD, so the seriously gameplay starts at 2017 - 18 where I start climbing more and more, it cost me like infinite retryes but that doesn't matter.
Today I take it like a distraction game, I want to take it seriously but my skill in-game isn't like what it was
i was a big Geometry Dash fanboy, so everything osu! related, i hate. i saw one of the community member playing osu!, so i tried it, never went back.
I was in a skype group with a few good friends, and one of them played osu! religiously. I decided to hop on with her and now I'm here
Miyu Okamoto
Mine is that I found the game from friends from an old old forum site where the chat is now pretty much dead
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