What caused you to become an Otaku?

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For me it started with Naruto & Beach, but then I stopped watching anime for a while. What turned me into an otaku was Ookami-San, I just loved the different archetypes (like tsundere, loli, etc), the romance, and comedy. It was a completely new and amazing experience, and I've been hooked ever since. ;)
It started off with a recent anime: The World God Only Knows.
After that I went to Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya.
My life was ruined by then......
I was an introvert back when I was younger and so the only thing which kept my life filled with color was manga. First manga i read was Mahoraba and then the list started to pile up like crazy. Now I have like a real social life but I still stick with my roots of being an otaku cause anime and manga just has to be part of my life.

I wouldn't call myself an anime otaku though.

dNextGen wrote:


I wouldn't call myself an anime otaku though.
Early childhood.
it more enjoyable being 'otaku' than being a normal student orz
I found bored being normal student and being otaku is not boring at all~ that was caused me xD
The fail of the human race made me believe in something else.
Rey Fullbuster
because of this game, and i got a friend who also an otaku :D
Xylem Beer
Started 3 years ago when I got addicted to Special A without knowing it. I used to hate animes tho when I was still a kid.
I got addicted to cuteness when I started watching anime 3 years ago
i'm already watching anime before but not to the extent that i stalk research about the voice actors and the artists

i only started being addicted when i was in first year high school
my uncle made me get obsessed in code geass there i started googling jun fukuyama, orange range, FLOW, CLAMP, etc.
I wouldn't necessarily say "caused" my to become an otaku, there's no social discrimmination against otakus where I live anyway. I'd say that I first starting watching anime when I friend lent me the whole series of Prince of Tennis when I was into tennis. Soon after that, the same friend lent me D.Gray Man. Before I knew it, I was on the internet watching all sorts of animes.
Well, my dear human, simple curiosity and that curiosity led to another thing called "interest" which led to, yet another thing, called addiction.“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
I might have been an otaku even before I realized it.As a child, I really enjoyed Inuyasha, Naruto, and other anime. I had all the Inuyasha video games,dvd's, manga & such, but then I kinda forgot about it.
Years later, I thought that the anime I really enjoyed was Naruto, even though it was Inuyasha. I started to watch the anime though & I loved it too. Soon after, I discovered what Lucky Star was. I finally decided "I wanna be a full-otaku like Konata Izumi!" So, that from vocaloid to a bunch of other stuff. So now I'm an otaku.
Story of ma life~
My history is the same but without Inuyasha, I saw dragon ball, naruto and one piece when I was a child. A few years ago ( like 4 ) I really dont know when I started to be an otaku, but I am. I started to see One Piece and Naruto and I really enjoy them, I still watching it
My older brother :D It all started with Naruto .. then Bleach .. Then I had a computer of my own \o/ :D

Also Pokemon :D
Same as some1 already said.
My older brother introduced me to otaku/videogames
Anyway i don't really consider myself an otaku

those wrote:

The fail of the human race made me believe in something else.
QFT... a whole new romantic dream visionary side came out of nowhere and my mind went from sterile to creative

I've only watched a few anime, but I'm completely obsessed with Japanese culture, language, -> music, -> vocaloid, then somehow cosplay, so on... I'm not sure if that qualifies as complete otaku or just a weeaboo, but I'm not denying either title. It's a weird story, actually, how I came to be here in the first place... I had a game on my phone that imitated beatmania and one of the song packs that came with it contained within a remix of septette for the dead princess... I fell in love and eventually searched for this on youtube, and this was my link to the entire world of touhou fandom and doujin circle music...

I soon enough stumbled across gameplay of said music in a game called osu, and since then my knowledge of and interest in this previously remote sphere of culture has flourished hugely, and I doubt that, if I hadn't downloaded that one game from the android market, I would still be the same person today. Probably somehow ended up to be the most life-changing thing I've had happen to me. ^_^

In fact just found the song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApKIrubNa-s All the memories <3 Best bit starts at 4 minutes, so if you're uncertain just listen from there..
Puberty and Mio Akiyama >3<~
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