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What caused you to become an Otaku?

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I didn't see any topic like this I made one and I thought it would be interesting how other people became Otakus :P

For me it's Nyan Cat , then it went to Vocaloid to Nico Nico Douga Kumikyoku which then branched off to Touhou , anime, manga and visual novels. Yeah that's the story of my life xD
Hmm... it started by watching anime for the first time in the TV screens.
It seemed fun, so I started buying manga. Then watched anime online, played visual novels [Clannad: Full Voice for that matter]. Sooner, I discovered Vocaloids and Nico Nico Douga then I learned to love Japanese Songs ♥
toonami (americans will know what this is)

edit: i'm not even that much of a weeabo though

well maybe I am

but not as much as other people

Well I saw some manga at my library and decided to check it out. I fell in love with it and soon found out about anime,cosplay,etc. Now I'm glad I was curious :D
My older brother. I was watch Magic Knight Rayearth with him and that how I became an Otaku. (But not as much in the past now. I slowly was drifting away from my Otaku stage, yay~)
osu, actually.

I barely watched any anime / knew nothing about touhou or comiket etc before knowing osu.
I think I started watching anime when I saw my brother watch some good ones, such as Gungrave or Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

I wouldn't call myself an anime otaku though.
When i was a child (though i still mentally am). I was bored and opened up the TV and came across an anime (back then i didn't know it was an anime) Wanted more episodes, searched the net, found it, came across more anime, came across Osu/games/manga/stuff and then you have me.
K a Y e
Some friend introduced it to me. Until then, I became an OTAKU~
I don't qualify for the honorable title of otaku yet D:
I read manga from manga rental near my school and watched Animax..
I was watching some animes and then i found out that it was better than cartoon ( at least some ). It has a storyline not like cartoons that has like for each episode, a new story.
Animax. Desu owo
saw an AMV on youtube and i liked it so i started watching the anime.
Typical teenagers here are retarded. I don't wanna become like them. Therefore, otaku
Well, it all started with Pokémon, Digimon & Dragon Ball (the only shows showed up in TV).

But I started to watch anime and got interested in japanese culture around 2008~

And nowdays it's just weeaboo to the max .__.
For me it started with Naruto & Beach, but then I stopped watching anime for a while. What turned me into an otaku was Ookami-San, I just loved the different archetypes (like tsundere, loli, etc), the romance, and comedy. It was a completely new and amazing experience, and I've been hooked ever since. ;)
It started off with a recent anime: The World God Only Knows.
After that I went to Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya.
My life was ruined by then......
I was an introvert back when I was younger and so the only thing which kept my life filled with color was manga. First manga i read was Mahoraba and then the list started to pile up like crazy. Now I have like a real social life but I still stick with my roots of being an otaku cause anime and manga just has to be part of my life.

I wouldn't call myself an anime otaku though.
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