[osu!std] [1v1] KIRBY Mix Tournament (Badged, badeu wins!)

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Welcome to KIRBY Mix Tournament!

Dedicated to Starrodkirby86
A tournament where (mostly) all Starrodkirby86 maps will be in the mappools! There will also be extra maps in the mappools that are related to him/inspired by his style of mapping!

Registration (closed) | Discord | Sheet | Challonge | Twitch
Registration for Staff: Join discord server, then PM me, Lolzep#5723, on Discord to talk about it.

  1. There is no rank range on registrations, however, only the top 96 players by rank will be playing.
  2. You must join the discord and set your server nickname to your osu! username.
  3. Schedules and mappools will be provided on Monday of each week.
  4. There will be 5 types of pools in all mappools: No Mod, Double Time, Hidden, Not Kirby, and Tiebreaker.
  5. Not Kirby, obviously, has maps that are not made by StarrodKirby86, but are similar to his mapping style.
  6. No Mod, Double Time, Hidden, and Tiebreaker will be ONLY StarrodKirby86 maps. (except for the Qualifier Stage and Round of 32 where Tiebreaker will not be a Kirby map)
  1. Matches will be played using Head-to-Head and Scorev2
  2. 8 lobbies of 12 players (96 people) will be formed.
  3. Since lobbies can have 16 players max, there are 4 open spots in each lobby in case someone wants to reschedule to a different time compared to what they were given.
  4. A referee will invite you to your chosen lobby come match time.
  5. The match will start without you after 10 minutes if you are not in the lobby.
  6. There are no warmup or bans.
  7. In this stage, all maps will be played twice from a pool of 5 maps, 2 Kirby Maps (1 DT, 1 NM) and 3 Not Kirby Maps.
  8. Unlike Bracket Stage, all maps in this stage allows mods, but they are not forced.
  9. Mods allowed in this pool are: Hidden, Hard Rock, Flashlight, Easy.
  10. The referee will play the maps in the order they are on the mappool sheet.
  11. After all maps are played twice, each player's best score on each map will be added up.
  12. The highest scoring 32 players out of everyone who played will advance to Ro32.
  13. If a player disconnects, players in the lobby can casually vote to play again if they want.
  14. Players will be seeded for the bracket stage depending on how many points they get in this stage.
  1. Ro32 will have 3 NM, 2 DT, 2 HD, 1 Not Kirby, 1 TB.
  2. Ro16, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals, will have 3 NM, 2 DT, 2 HD, 3 Not Kirby, and 1 TB.
  3. Finals will have 3 NM, 2 DT, 2 HD, 5 Not Kirby, and 1 TB.
  4. Grand Finals will have 3 NM, 2 DT, 3 HD, 6 Not Kirby, and 1 TB.

  5. Ro32 will be Best of 7
  6. Ro16, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals will be Best of 9.
  7. Finals will be Best of 11.
  8. Grand Finals will be Best of 13.

  9. The match will be set to Scorev2 and Head-to-Head.
  10. Matches played from here-on-out will be 1v1.
  11. Not Kirby and Tiebreaker pools allow mods but are not forced.
  12. Mods allowed in those pools are: Hidden, Hard Rock, Flashlight, Easy.
  13. If one player does not show up while the other is in the match, this will result in a free point after 10 minutes and a forfeit after 15 minutes.
  14. If both players do not show up, the player with the highest seed moves on.
  15. There are NO BANS due to a low amount of maps to choose for this tourney.
  16. When both players have joined the match, each player will type !roll in the multiplayer chat. The person with the highest roll will get first warmup and first pick.
  17. Ro32 and Ro16 does not have a warmup, every match after Ro16 will have a warmup for each player.
  18. Warmups must be under 5 minutes.
  19. There is a 2 minute time limit for picks.
  20. Failed scores DO count.
  21. Consecutive picks from the same pool are allowed.
  22. Each team has 1 rematch per match. A rematch is possible if a disconnect happens within 30 seconds of the start of a map or if a player disconnects during the match in which the outcome of a map would have been different. A rematch can be offered under the Referee’s discretion.

  1. Registrations: August 11th - September 14th
  2. Qualifier Round: September 22nd - 23rd, September 29th - 30th
  3. Round of 32: October 6th - 7th
  4. Round of 16: October 13th - 14th
  5. Quarterfinals: October 20th - 21st
  6. Semifinals: October 27th - 28th
  7. Finals: November 3rd - 4th
  8. Grand Finals: November 10th - 11th

First Place: $50 USD, Profile Badge Confirmed!
Second Place: $30 USD
Third Place: $20 USD

Given via. PayPal
You can also accept it as the same amount in osu!supporter.
Also if you want to donate to the pool, PM me on discord!

If you want to join the staff team, join the discord server and then PM me on discord!
Host: Lolzep
Co-Host: Weed
Sheets: Lolzep, this1neguy
Referees: Lolzep, Yazzehh, Kasumii-sama, Aoiyuuki-, Numik321, Penoreri-, Astellis, M1kel,
Shiro Loli, saoie, -Asterisks-, Favudd, Lefafel, MikeL, tigereyes144, steve_04_
Streamers: Lolzep, CornLord7117, Kaeldori
Commentators: Lolzep, Weed, chezbananas, CornLord7117, Penoreri-, Kaeldori
Mappool Selector: Lolzep, Exarch, Halfslashed, Weed
Graphics: Lolzep
UH ?!
now that's one hell of a tournament
Gomo Pslvarh
owo lets see how this goes
oh boy
no DT kirby mixes is a shame :(
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GladiOol wrote:

no DT kirby mixes is a shame :(
I'm trying my best to add DT to the mappools right now actually! Mappooling with a limited amount of maps like this is really hard, but I won't give up.

Lolzep wrote:

GladiOol wrote:

no DT kirby mixes is a shame :(
I'm trying my best to add DT to the mappools right now actually! Mappooling with a limited amount of maps like this is really hard, but I won't give up.
You're the best! <3
holy shit we're playing for money here.

im just gonna run away before all the crazy good players get in here and commit 5-digit genocide.
That's a lot of lolzep
But will we actually be playing Kirby mix in the tourney??
time to get crushed
Lets go
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