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a decent number of people have noticed timing/metadata/other issues on Featured Artist beatmap templates (the empty maps downloadable from here). most people don't know how to report these issues for fixing though. this thread will hopefully change that.

post the names of any Featured Artist map templates with issues, then i'll check them out + pass on potential fixes to the guys who update the FA listing.

extra thanks if you can provide fixes in your post!
not timing but Cranky - Liberame is missing a space
hmm, back then i was planning to map Fractal Dreamers - With Every Wanderer's Breath and it appears that the timing's much more complex than a flat 80 BPM as provided in the base .osz (mostly during the solo piano part). after attempting to re-time the song myself and consulting with others i later came out with this timing :

i personally think it's not thoroughly perfect and still could very much be improved though, but nevertheless it should work much better already than the original flat 80 BPM timing. hope this helps though~

.osz file w/ fixed timing :
Trial & Error - Hoshizora Touhikou

When ranking Trial & Error's Hoshizora Touhikou, Shiguma and I ran into several issues

- two of the three slowdowns weren't timed in the full version (so the end of the song was completely off)
- only one of the two late piano notes were timed (this applies to the short version too)
- the bpms were doubled of what they should be, 152 sounded way too fast for the song even during the chorus, where snares properly landed on 2 and 4 if you put the bpm at 76 instead.

ranked map with fixed timing for full version ->

osz with timing for short version ->

Trial & Error - DREAMING COLOR (Short Ver)

a map of this song ended up being dq'd because the offset provided was fairly off,

Trial & Error - Taiatari * Romance (Short Ver)

The end had to be adjusted slightly in the ranked version due to a guitar being a bit off,

the issues i mentioned for the short versions of the 2nd and 3rd songs i listed may apply to the full versions too, but I've not checked
Some time before I wanted to map Moonlight Sonata Cranky Remix but timing there seemed really off so I couldn't map it. I guess you may check it
When opening Emerald Waters from High Tea Music Vol. 4 I found that offset 148-150 was more accurate over the current offset of 160
Hi again mister pishifat!
Cranky - Kirakira has incorrect bpm
Rin - Lunatic set 09 ~ Faraway 380,000-Kilometer Voyage had some things as well.
Don't exactly remember what got changed, but in the process of pushing this Mentai's set forward some timing changes got done.
Circles (Piano Version) by KIRA is off by 1 bpm, it should be 141, not 140. the wrong bpm is causing the timing to be notably off as early as 15 seconds into the song
video offset should be more like -800 rather than -425, video is currently a bit late compared to the song (compare how it syncs to the youtube upload )

The offset for Magical Night by KIRA sounds early, like, super early. Like ~30ms early.

edit: also this isn't the right place probably but kankan dancin and sake beat are missing their japanese/unicode titles
update Cranky - Time Alter with timings from ranked set
update Cranky - Crocus with timings from ranked set
update Fractal Dreamers - With Every Wanderer's Breath with timings from ranked set
also Wispx - Somewhere I'd Rather Be should have additional red line with 24983 offset for beats after to be timed correctly
Happppy song is listed at 112 bpm, 224 fits better

libera me still has the wrong metadata
most of SOOOO's templates have meter issues

Sinnoh wrote:

Happppy song is listed at 112 bpm, 224 fits better

226, osz is 113 and the website says 112 for some reason

minus in the sun has the opposite problem, template says 218 but 109 is much more appropriate
in addition, the meter changes aren't timed
50056 - reset for meter
217395 - 7/4 meter here
263633 - 4/4 meter again
420512 - meter reset again
also the minus in the sun .osz mispells his name as SOOO instead of SOOOO ....

iiillluuuvvvUUU also has multiple meter issues, such as not noticing that a good portion of the song is in 3/4, and putting the first offset a beat late.


Raven Haven - meter resets at 197998
also Raven Haven is missing it's japanese title, レイヴン・ヘイヴン which is prominently featured on both its nicovideo and youtube uploads as well as being how it's listed on the minus in the sun album. There's really no reason for it to be missing.

a decayed garden sinks into the isolated sea: over half the song is in 5/4 but it's timed using one 4/4 line...
71957 - 5/4 meter
103329 - 4/4
119015 - 5/4
197446 - 4/4
Camellia - (The) Immortal Scream is timed at 150 but is almost certainly 149.5, with a metronome reset somewhere in the middle
Camellia - Sulfide

first red line needs to be set one measure back, and second red line is unnecessary

Camellia feat. Nanahira - Usakick!

first red line fits better if set back by one measure
Camellia - senpai, notice me

I believe the correct offset should be 775ms or so. The current one is 15~25ms early.
SOOOO - iiillluuuvvvUUU

First offset is 276 instead of 296
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but it is an issue with FA beatmap template.

Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC Dempa Machinegun Psystyle Remix)

File name becomes too long after you first try to save the map, because it tries to add (username)[diffname] in the file name. I googled and it said max file name length on windows is 260, anything longer causes you to get an error.

Your file directory might look like this:

c:/users/user/appdata/local/osu!/songs/Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC Dempa Machinegun Psystyle Remix)/Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC Dempa Machinegun Psystyle Remix)()[]

This directory is already 252 characters long, which only leaves 8 characters for your osu username and diff name.

The way I got around this was changing the song name to this:

Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC D.M.P Remix)

After that the file directory looks like this:

c:/users/user/appdata/local/osu!/songs/Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC D.M.P Remix)/Camellia - Energy Drinking musume fein-chan! (Camellia's MONSTERISTIC D.M.P.Remix)()[]

Now it's only 212 characters long, which leaves you more room for your username and diffname.
tieff Sense of Nostalgia offset+9
tieff We Are The Gems named as "We Are The Gems 2" 2 is not needed, also offset+12
tieff that love so far away offset+9
tieff Sunflower offset+10
tieff Our Story offset+5
tieff Library Girl offset+5
tieff Dancing in Blue offset+10
tieff By Holding You Close I'm Pushing You Further offset+8
tieff and here am I, forgotten generally offset+15 but it also has some occasional missnaps and thats another talk
Ben Briggs - Yes (Maybe) offset -10 (new offset = -20)
Ben Briggs - Fearless Living offset -17 (new offset = -21)
Thaehan - Angry Birds Epic (Remix) offset -20 (new offset = 336)
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Ankoku no Joukaku ni Shinkousaru Igyou no Kuruhime

the beginning part sounds should be like this.
not sure about the 6/4 signature is correct or not.
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