Pineapple mania q. --closed except m4m--

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Mode: Mania 7K and 9K
Map Link: beatmapsets/1173757#mania/2448109
Artist: R3 Music Box
Song Name: My Confession
Genre: Instrumental
No. of diffs: 2
Length: 1:33

Nobody mods 9k maps so ur like one of my only chances to actually get a mod on this map lmao
i'm so desperate at finding mods so i'll just leave it here

Mode: mania 4k
Map Link: beatmapsets/832561#mania/1878271
Artist: Helblinde
Song Name: The Solace of Oblivion
Genre: electronic
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 5:29

also a brief review should be great lol
thank you <3
Mode: STD
Map Link: beatmapsets/1175970#osu/2452765
Artist: Virtual Riot & Pearl Andersson
Song Name: Lost It (VIP)
Genre: Electronic/Dubstep
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 5:57 (total drain 5:44)

nm req
map link: beatmapsets/1179434#osu/2459471
artist: rd sounds feat natuya
song name: kinpu forbidden game
genre: i honestly dont know maybe touhou?
length: 5:03 one diff
MrBeast in Ohio
Mode: STD
Map Link: beatmapsets/1176533#osu/2453897
Artist: Steampianist
Song Name: Ugly Fuel OFF VOCAL
Genre: Instrumental
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 6:26

NM, thanks

"important rule: only epic osu gamers can post in this q."

I dont even know what does that mean.
Mode: mania 4k
Map link: beatmapsets/1196077
Artist: Saradisk
Song name: 222 - wewewe
Genre: electronic
No. of diffs: 3
Length: 0:49

Thanks <3
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Topic Starter
open mania only
Hi, M4M req pls

keys: 4
Map Link: beatmapsets/1242120#mania/2598596
Artist: Team Grimoire vs Laur
Song Name: Grievous Lady -nothing is but what is not-
Genre: Instrumental, Hardcore
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 5:51

Pls PM me if you accept and tell me if I should mod first
Thank you =v=
hi there, gonna NM req

keys: 4
Map Link: beatmapsets/1254429#mania/2606941
Artist: Run Girls, Run!
Song Name: Share the light (Assertive Hardcore Bootleg)
Genre: jcore
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 4:28

thank you and best of luck for this queue

keys: 4K/7K
Map Link: beatmapsets/1229023#mania/2555462
Artist: t+pazolite & Getty
Song Name: Twisted Drop Party
Genre: -
No. of diffs: 5 difficulties for 4K and 7 difficulties for 7K
Length: 3:03

hello :)

NM request
keys: 4
Map Link: beatmapsets/1256508#mania/2611113
Artist: Umeboshi Chazuke
Song Name: Run*2 Run To You!!
Genre: Chiptune/8 bit
No. of diffs: 1 (as of now)
Length: 1:54

thank you!!! im very new, i will be remapping a lot probably :,)
hello pineapple~ nm req here

keys: 4k
Map Link: beatmapsets/1204322#mania/2519587
Artist: BEMANI Sound Team "Sota Fujimori"
Song Name: OZONE
Genre: Video game
No. of diffs: 4
Length: 2:06

any diff is ok even 1, and just focus on pattern is enough, SV/HS you can ignore

keys: 4
Map Link: beatmapsets/1230714#mania/2605756
Artist: Silentroom
Song Name: F1055
Genre: dnb, future psy footwork
No. of diffs: 5 (6 if including hitsound diff)
Length: 2:41

Thanks! (Feel free to mod any diff)
Eluo Eason
NM request

Map Link:
Song Name:Wolves Standing Towards Enemies
Genre:Video game
No. of diffs:4
owo hewo

nm req if you please.

keys: 4
Map Link: beatmapsets/1154776
Artist: Se-U-Ra
Song Name: Tsui no Maihime
Genre: Artcore / Instrumental / Electronic
No. of diffs: 6
Length: 2:04

tank u in advance .o.
nm request

keys: 4k
Map Link: beatmapsets/1168803#mania/2438560
Artist: De De Mouse
Song Name: Silly Love
Genre: pop/funky/electronic idk
No. of diffs: 2
Length: 3:50

keys: 4K
Map Link: beatmapsets/1228135#mania/2553755
Artist: Mittsies
Song Name: Vitality (t+pazolite Remix)
Genre: Electronic
No. of diffs: 5
Length: 3:19

appreciate if you accept it, Thank you
Want to request NM

keys: 4K
Map Link: beatmapsets/1246880#mania/2591737
Artist: Minato Aqua
Song Name: #Aquairo Palette
Genre: JPop
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 4:30

Thank you~
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close unless m4m
keys: 4k
Map Link: beatmapsets/1218923#mania/2536090
Artist: Nitro
Song Name: [line:theta]
Genre: Electro
No. of diffs: 1
Length: 2:32
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