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2012 2vs.2Catch the Beat Cup[ExSpec Wins!]

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Since the 1st ever CTB tournament was a pretty good success, might as well make this annual! Plus I've been getting messages regarding when this will start soo here's some info!

Sign ups start now!

Please use this format for signing up here!

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Team Members:
Timezone: Please use GMT


General Rules
- Games will be 2 vs 2 matches

- Teams must be made of members within one's timezone. If 2 players have 3 to 5 hr difference then thats ok. No member should have anything more than 5.

- Teams will consist of 2 or 3 members (1 Captain [should know English], 1 teammate, and 1 back up which is optional). You can only participate for 1 team.

- If a team cannot make the scheduled time, they're should be a notice 24hrs before the match! If no warning is given, the captain MUST talk to the other team captain to figure out a reschedule. Remember that the other team captain has all the right to refuse a reschedule and move on to the next round.
NOTE: that you will have the chance to discuss with your opponent and pick a time the suits both teams but if you miss the deadline I will decide for you.

- If a member is no where to be found, that is where the back up comes in. If the back up is no where to be found then that team can find a different player (one that is NOT part of a team). If this happens then that new player replaces the back up player.

- If a team can't find an emergency member, they have the choice to play 1 vs 2 or forfeit. They can try to negotiate a rematch but if the opponent team says no, those are the 2 options.

- Any form of cheating will result in being kicked out of the whole tournament. Possible action could be taken by mods for further discipline.

Game Rules
- First stage will be a round robin stage. If 32 teams sign up then there will be 8 groups with 4 teams in each group.

- Only mod that will be accepted is [no video]. Any other mods are a no no!

- Teams will play within their groups and will face each team once.

- Top 2 teams will move on the the knock out stage. Where if you lose a match you are out.

- Games will be played on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Match Rules
- Each match will be best 2 out of 3 games. Semi finals and finals will be best 4 out 7 games.

- Map selections type will be exactly the same as the 1st year tournament where maps will be released on the Monday before the weekend matches.

- Teams are required to be online 15 minutes before the match. If a team member is missing when the match time comes, that's where the back up comes.

- Rooms will be created by a staff member where they will create a password protected game and they will release the password to the players.

- Captains are required to keep the match history page at the start of each match.

- Captains are required to take screenshots for results of each match! After the match, the winning captain must post on here the match history page (which can be found here: ) AND the screenshots of each match results.

1st Place: Each player will receive a 6 month osu! supporter tag

2nd Place: Each player will receive a 1 month osu! supporter tag.

3rd Place: Each player will receive a 1 month osu! supporter tag.

Note: If the back up player does not play any games, then they will not receive a prize. If they play at least one then they will.
Since I'm not gonna be around as much as last year since I've been promoted at work to manager which requires me to work on weekends. I need a a staff team to help me organize EVERYTHING. With map selection, rules, match setups, etc. If you want to be part of the staff team, post here! You must be active in the CTB community and must be willing to help out!

Final Results

1st Place: ExSpec
2nd Place: Chilean Rangers
3rd Place: VELPERAGE


Championship Round:
Chilean Rangers (eldnl and line94) versus ExSpec (Exgon and Spectator)

3rd Place Match:
VELPERAGE (VelperK and Krzysiek) versus Yuki (Nyan-Zapo and NoteKuroi) July 28th - 18:00 GMT-2 / 23:00 GMT+3

Like the Semi Finals, this final round will be a best of 7 match. There will be a song list of 6 maps to pick from. If a 7th and deciding match is needed (WHICH I HOPE FOR CUZ THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!) a tie breaker map will be chosen.


This round will consist on the best of 7 songs, so each team will have to choose 3 songs: one team first, then the other one, and so on. In case there's a tie (3-3), the tie-breaker song will be the chosen one.

MAPLIST: - CTB Collab - Sin - Thunderbolt - Deif's CTB - Chaos


1: Chilean Rangers vs. Yuki Chilean Rangers Win! 4-1
2: VELPERAGE vs. ExSpec ExSpec Wins! 4-2

Good luck to the remaining teams, and good mental health!

@Captains: Talk each other to set a proper time for your matches. Deadline for matches: July 22nd (nevertheless, the quicker you play your matches, the quicker the Finals will be organized \o/)

Also good luck and have fun (By Inamaru)


Match 1
Chilean Rangers vs. Derp - Saturday at 15:00 GMT-4, 21:00 GMT+2, 22:00 GMT+3 Chilean Rangers Win! 2-0

Match 2
Yuki vs. Yakumo Tenshi - Saturday at 14:00 GMT+2, 20:00 GMT+8 Yuki Wins! 2-1

Match 3
VELPERAGE vs. Gelato overdose - Sunday at 16:00 GMT-3. 21:00 GMT+2 VEPERAGE Wins! 2-0

Match 4
FantiCaCtusi vs. ExSpec - Sunday at 13:00 GMT+2, 20:00 GMT+9 ExSpec Wins! 2-1

Knockout Stage. Round of 16

Match 1
Chilean Rangers vs. DNA Sunday 19:00 GMT -4, 16:00 GMT -7Chilean Rangers Win! 2-0

Match 2
Lolis vs. VELPERAGE - Saturday 19:00 GMT -3, Sunday 00:00 GMT +2VELPERAGE Wins! 2-0

Match 3
M&M Ecchi vs. Derp - Sunday 18:00 GMT +3Derp Wins! 2-1

Match 4
Gelato overdose vs. DTB Satuday 18:00 GMT +2Gelato overdose Wins! 2-0

Match 5
Yuki vs. Manticore Sunday 17:00 GMT +2Yuki Wins! 2-0

Match 6
FantiCaCtusi vs. les pingouins Saturday 17:00 GMT +2FantiCaCtusi Wins! 2-0

Match 7
Yakumo Tenshi vs. New Snow Saturday 18:00 GMT +8Yakumo Tenshi Wins! Default

Match 8
ExSpec vs. C(←)T(shift)B(→) Sunday 17:00 GMT +8, 18:00 GMT +9ExSpec Wins! Default member of C(←)T(shift)B(→)is banned

Knockout Stage Round of 16 Map List - Yume - Overdrive!! - Kana - Saten's SELAMAT PAGI! - Ozzy's Extra - hichman's CTB - Sp's Darkness - Cider - Valhalla

Tiebreaker Map: - 0108

Round 5 Round Robin

Group 1
Chilean Rangers vs. ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof GMT -4 1pm; GMT+1 6pm Chilean Rangers win! Default
SeiLah vs. Beyond the Event Horizon GMT -3 2pm; GMT+2 7pm SeiLah Wins! Default

Group 2
Lolis vs. Little Busters GMT -3 2pm; GMT -7 4pm Lolis wins! 2-0
DNA vs. Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs DNA Wins! Default

Group 3
M&M Ecchi vs. The Midnioght Project GMT +3 3pm; GMT +2 2pm M&M Ecchi Wins! Default
Failing is Magic vs. Real is a Drug and a Whore (real is a drug and a whore is afaik retired) Failing is Magic Wins! Default
Bye: DTB

Group 4
Derp vs. Miesny Jez GMT +2 3pm; GMT+3 4pm Derp Wins 2-0
GoOoMy Katsek vs. Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka GMT+2 6pm; GMT +3 7pm GoOoMy Katsek Wins 2-0
Bye: Gelato overdose

Group 5
Yuki vs. chair GMT +2 3pm; GMT+1 2pm Yuki Wins! 2-0
les pingouins vs. ValeStorm GMT +2 5pm les pingouins Wins! Default
Bye: Les bobs

Group 6
Crab Vodka vs. La frutta che non c'è GMT +2 3pm; GMT+3 4pm; GMT+4 5pm Crab Vodka Wins! 2-1
FantiCaCtusi vs. In Fruit We Trust GMT +2 1pm FantiCaCtusi Wins! 2-0
Bye: Manticore

Group 7
C(←)T(shift)B(→) vs. Yakumo Tenshi GMT +8 4pm yakumo Tenshi Wins! 2-1
Nenyouabura vs. RINASCITA GMT +71pm; GMT+8 2pm; GMT +9 3pm[/striher way[/b]
Bye: Why so serious?

Group 8
[strike]ExSpec vs. New Snow GMT +9 4pm; GMT +8 3pm
ExSpec Wins 2-0
gghydusnama vs. Imageboard GMT +8 3pmMatch not played. Both teams were eliminated either way
Bye: thObie

Round 4 Round Robin Stage

Group 1
Chilean Rangers vs. Beyond the Event Horizon Saturday 18:00 GMT-4, 12:00 GMT+2 Chilean Rangers Wins! 2-1
VELERAGE vs. ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof VELPERAGE Wins! 2-0 Default
Bye: SeiLah

Group 2
Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs vs. Little Busters Little Busters Wins! 2-0 Default
MI DANG vs. DNA Sunday 16:00 GMT-4 DNA Wins Default
Bye: Lolis

Group 3
Failing is Magic vs. M&M Ecchi M&M Ecchi Wins! 2-0
DTB vs. Real is a Drug and a Whore Sunday 18:00 GMT+2 DTB Wins! Default
Bye: The Midnight Project

Group 4
Miesny Jez vs. GoOoMy Katsek Sunday 16:00 GMT+2 GoOoMy Katsek Wins 2-0
Gelato overdose vs. Derp Gelato overdose Wins! 2-1
Bye: Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka

Group 5
Yuki vs. Les bobs Yuki Wins! 2-1
Chair vs. ValeStorm Saturday 17:00 GMT +2, 16:00 GMT+1 ValeStorm Wins! 2-1
Bye: les pingouins

Group 6
In Fruit We Trust vs. Crab Vodka Crab Vodka Wins! Default
Manticore vs. FantiCaCtusi Saturday 18:00 GMT+2 FantiCaCtusi Wins! 2-0
Bye: La frutta che non c'è

Group 7
Yakumo Tenshi vs. RINASCITA Saturday 19:00 GMT+8, 20:00 GMT+9 Yakumo Tenshi Wins Default
Why so serious? vs. C(←)T(shift)B(→)Sunday 16:00 GMT+8, 17:00 GMT+9 C(←)T(shift)B(→) Wins Default
Bye: Nenyouabura

Group 8
Imageboard vs. ExSpec Saturday18:00 GMT+8, 19:00 GMT+9 ExSpec Wins 2-0
gghydusnama vs. thObie Sunday 16:00 GMT+7, 17:00 GMT+8 gghydusnama Wins! 2-0
Bye: New Snow

Round 3 Round Robin Stage

Group 1
Beyond The Event Horizon vs. VELPERAGE Saturday at 22:00 GMT+2, 20:00 GMT0, 17:00 GMT-3 => Delayed Sunday May 27 at 00:00 GMT+2, Saturday 26th at 19:00 GMT-3=> VELPERAGE wins 2-0
SeiLah vs. Chilean Rangers Sunday at 17:00 GMT-3, 16:00 GMT-4 => Delayed => Chilean Rangers Wins 2-0
Bye: ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof

Group 2
Little Busters vs. MI DANG Sunday at 19:00 GMT-7, 22:00 GMT-4 => Little Busters wins 2-0
Lolis vs. Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs Sunday 18:00 GMT-3, 14:00 GMT-7 => Lolis wins by default
Bye: DNA

Group 3
Real is a Drug and a Whore vs. M&M Ecchi Saturday at 15:00 GMT+2, 16:00 GMT+3 => M&M Ecchi wins 2-0
The Midnight Project vs. DTB Sunday at 18:00 GMT+2 => DTB wins by default
Bye: Failing is Magic

Group 4
GoOoMy Katsek vs. Gelato overdose Saturday at 18:00 GMT+2 => Gelato overdose wins 2-0
Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka vs. Miesny Jez Sunday at 15:00 GMT+2, 16:00 GMT+3 => Miesny Jez wins 2-0
Bye: Derp

Group 5
Chair vs. Les bobs Saturday at 16:00 GMT+1, 17:00 GMT+2 => Delayed => Chair wins 2-0
les pingouins vs. Yuki Sunday at 16:00 GMT+2 => Yuki wins 2-0
Bye: ValeStorm

Group 6
Crab Vodka vs. Manticore Saturday at 15:00 GMT+2, 16:00 GMT+3, 17:00 GMT+4=> Manticore wins 2-1
La frutta che non c'è vs. In Fruit We Trust Sunday at 17:00 GMT+2 => La frutta che non c'è wins 2-0
Bye: FantiCaCtusi

Group 7
RINASCITA vs. Why so serious? Sunday at 19:00 GMT+9 => Delayed Sunday May 27 at 18:00 GMT+9 =>RINASCITA wins 2-0 Default
Nenyouabura vs. Yakumo Tenshi Sunday at 16:00 GMT+7, 17:00 GMT+8 => Yakumo Tenshi wins 2-1
Bye: C(←)T(shift)B(→)

Group 8
gghydusnama vs. ExSpec Sunday at 16:00 GMT+8, 17:00 GMT+9 => Delayed Saturday May 26 at 20:00 GMT+8, 21:00 GMT+9 => ExSpec wins 2-1
New Snow vs. thObie Saturday at 19:00 GMT+7, 20:00 GMT+8, 21:00 GMT+9 => Delayed- Sunday May 27 at 18:00 GMT +7, 19:00 GMT+8, 20:00 GMT+9=> New Snow wins 2-1
Bye: Imageboard

Round 2 Round Robin Stage

Group 1
VELPERAGE vs. SeiLah Saturday at 20:00 GMT-3 VELPERAGE Wins! 2:0
ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof vs. Beyond The Event Horizon Friday at 20:00 GMT 0 Beyond The Event Horizon Wins! 2:0 Default
Bye: Chilean Rangers

Group 2
MI DANG vs. Lolis Sunday at 17:00 GMT -4, 18:00 GMT -3 Lolis Wins! 2:0
DNA vs. Little Busters Friday at 18:00 GMT -4, 15:00 GMT -7DNA Wins! 2:1
Bye: Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs

Group 3
The Midnight Project vs. Failing is Magic Saturday at 16:00 GMT+2 Failing is Magic Wins! 2:0 Default
DTB vs. M&M Ecchi Sunday at 18:00 GMT +2, 19:00 GMT +3 M&M Ecchi Wins! 2:0
Bye: Real is a Drug and a Whore

Group 4
Gelato overdose vs. Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka Sunday at 19:00 (GMT+2), 20:00 (GMT+3) Gelato overdose Wins! 2:0
Derp vs. GoOoMy Katsek Saturday at 16:00 GMT +2, 17:00 GMT+3 Derp Wins! 2:0
Bye: Miesny Jez

Group 5
Les bobs vs. ValeStorm Friday at 22:30 GMT +2 ValeStorm Wins! 2:0
les pingouins vs. Chair Saturday at 19:00 GMT +1, 20:00 GMT+2 les pingouins Wins! 2:0
Bye: Yuki

Group 6
Manticore vs. La frutta che non c'è Sunday at 16:00 GMT+2 Manticore Wins! 2:0
FantiCaCtusi vs. Crab Vodka Sunday at 15:00 GMT +2, 16:00 GMT +3, 17:00 GMT +4 FantiCaCtusi Wins! 2:1
Bye: In Fruit We Trust

Group 7
Why so serious? vs. Nenyouabura Saturday at 17:00 GMT +8, 18:00 GMT +9 Why so serious? Wins! 2:0
C(←)T(shift)B(→) vs. RINASCITA Sunday at 11:00 GMT +8, 12:00 GMT +9 C(←)T(shift)B(→) Wins! 2:0 Default
Bye: Yakumo Tenshi

Group 8
New Snow vs. Imageboard Saturday at 18:00 GMT +8 New Snow Wins! 2:0
thObie vs. ExSpec Sunday at 17:00 GMT +8 ExSpec Wins! 2:0
Bye: gghydusnama

Round 1 Round Robin Stage

Group 1
SeiLah vs. ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof Saturday at 19:00 GMT 0 SeiLah Wins 2:0 Default
Chilean Rangers vs. VELPERAGE Saturday at 20:00 GMT -3 Chilean Rangers Win! 2:1
Bye: Beyond The Event Horizon

Group 2
Lolis vs. DNA Sunday at 17:00 GMT -3 16:00 GMT -4 13:00 GMT -7 Lolis Wins! 2:1
Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs vs. MI DANG Sunday 15:00 GMT -8 18:00 GMT -6 MI DANG Wins! 2:0
Bye: Little Busters

Group 3
Failing is Magic vs. DTB Saturday at 16:00 GMT+2 DTB Wins! 2:0
Real is a Drug and a Whore vs. The Midnight PRoject Saturday at 18:00 GMT+1 Real is a Drug and a Whore Wins 2:0
Bye: M&M Ecchi

Group 4
Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka vs. Derp Sunday at 16:00 GMT +1 17:00 GMT +2 18:00 GMT +3 Derp Wins! 2:0
Miesny Jez vs Gelato overdose Saturday at 19:00 GMT +1 20:00 GMT +2 Gelato overdose Wins 2:0
Bye: GoOoMy Katsek

Group 5
les pingouins vs. Les bobs Sunday at 18:00 GMT +1 les pingouins Wins! 2:0
Yuki vs. ValeStorm [strike]Saturday Sunday at 15:00 GMT +1[/strike] Yuki Wins! 2:0
Bye: Chair

Group 6
La frutta che non c'è vs. FantiCaCtusi Sunday at 18:15 GMT+1 FantiCaCtusi Wins! 2:0
In Fruit We Trust vs. Manticore Saturday at 14:00 GMT +1Manticore Wins! 2:0
Bye: Crab Vodka

Group 7
Nenyouabura vs. C(←)T(shift)B(→)Friday at 18:00 GMT +7 C(←)T(shift)B(→)Wins! 2-0
Yakumo Tenshi vs. Why so serious? Saturday at 18:00 GMT +8 19:00 GMT +9 Yakumo Tenshi Wins! 2:0

Group 8
Imageboard vs. thObie Sunday at 18:00 GMT +7 19:00 GMT+8 thObie Wins! 2:1
gghydusnama vs. New Snow Saturday at 21:00 GMT +8 New Snow Wins! 2:1
Bye: ExSpec


North/South America

Group 1
Chilean Rangers
Beyond The Event Horizon

Group 2
Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs
Little Busters


Group 3
Failing is Magic
Real is a Drug and a Whore
The Midnight Project
M&M Ecchi

Group 4
Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka
Miesny Jez
Gelato overdose
GoOoMy Katsek

Group 5
les pingouins
Les bobs

Group 6
La frutta che non c'è
In Fruit We Trust
Crab Vodka


Group 7
Yakumo Tenshi
Why so serious?

Group 8
New Snow
Weezy (Leader)
Yuki Hana-Chan
Team Name: Gelato overdose
Team Captain: Deif
Team Members: Deif, Inamaru
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Captain: CLSW
Team Members: CLSW, xm0928
Timezone: GMT+9

Team Name: Chilean Rangers
Team Captain: eldnl
Team Members: eldnl, Dark_Diego, nixaloradana (back up)
Timezone: GMT-3

Team Name: Why so serious?
Team Captain: SS_Kanzaki
Team Members: SS_Kanzaki, Why
Timezone: GMT+9

Team Name: Failing is Magic
Team Captain: Odaril
Team Members: Odaril, Serval
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: In Fruits We Trust
Team Captain : Eirene
Team Members: Eirene, Scar
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: les pingouins
Team Captain: jojo973
Team Members: jojo973, syfose, kikard
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: Les Bobs
Team Captain: Kitsuu
Team Members: Kitsuu, chesebobby94
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: Ultimate Masters of Swag/Takunubs
Team Captain: DeathxShinigami
Team Members: DeathxShinigami, Kyonko-chan, Gens (backup)
Timezone: GMT-8, -5

Team Name: Nenyouabura
Team Captain: Rey Fullbuster
Team Members: Rey Fullbuster, Drexel13, Ableh_ZZZ (backup)
Timezone: GMT+7, +8

Team Name: thObie
Team Captain: -Newbie-
Team Members: -Newbie-, thOnz, 007jkt (back-up)
Timezone: GMT +7, +8

Team Captain: Krzysiek
Team Members: Krzysiek, VelperK
Timezone: GMT+2, -3

Team Name: M&M Ecchi
Team Captain: Mianki
Team Members: Mianki, MrSake, hichman (back up)
Timezone: GMT+3

Team Name: La frutta che non c'è
Team Captain: NeoRainier
Team Members: NeoRainier, 119410501, Celycchan (Backup)
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: DNA (Duo North America)
Team Captain: Lysols
Team Members: Lysols, Sumaki
Timezone: GMT-8, GMT-6

Team Name: Yuki
Team Captain: Nyan-Zapo
Team Members: Nyan-Zapo, NoteKuroi
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: Derp
Team Captain: raimoncortese
Team Members: raimoncortese, Venlas, YERTI
Timezone: GMT+1, +2

Team Name: Suomen hedelmäklubin SS-luokka
Team Captain: MRJR
Team Members: MRJR, 2nnt, Mukku (back up)
Timezone: GMT+3

Team Name: Crab Vodka
Team Captain: OmAr97
Team Members: OmAr97, Merzo
Timezone: GMT+3, +4

Team Name: ValeStorm
Team Captain: Valetine
Team Members: Valetine, RockingStorm
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name:Chair
Team Captain:YOUDONTKNOW111
Team Members: YOUDONTKNOW111, Ginze
Timezone:GMT+1, +2

Team Name: gghydusnama
Team Captain: joynama
Team Members: joynama, hy1hy1hy, dusk(back-up)
Timezone: GMT+8

Team Name: Imageboard
Team Captain: urs4chan
Team Members: urs4chan, Axelvega, Lady Vamps (backup)
Timezone: GMT+8

Team Name: Little Busters!
Team Captain: pieguy1372
Team Members: pieguy1372, corno
Timezone: GMT-7

Team Name: Yakumo Tenshi
Team Captain: MoMo Tenshi
Team Members: MoMo Tenshi, KanpanRin, willy30130(back-up)
Timezone: GMT+8

Team Name: Manticore
Team Captain: Kael
Team Members: Kael, Keyone94, coldsoup (Back-up)
Time Zone: GMT +1

Team New Snow
Team Captain: Komeiji Yuki
Team: Komeiji Yuki, madaoB
Time zones: GMT +8

Team Name : ExSpec
Team Captain: Spectator
Team Members: Spectator, ExGon
Timezone: GMT+9

Team Name: GoOoMy Katsek
Team Captain: GoOoM
Team Members: GoOoM , Katsek
Timezone: GMT +1,+2

Team Name: Miesny Jez
Team Captain: Bass
Members: Bass, Yurisia, Lally(backup)
Time Zone: GMT+2

Team Name: DTB
Team Captain: Nitojgrem
Team Members: Nitojgrem, TheNutritiousGuy
Time Zone: GMT+1

Team Name: ozrnhdjhrbhlfnbzof
Team Captain: xau
Team Members: xau, DanielDiaz
Timezone: GMT 0

Team Name: FantiCaCtusi
Team Captain: CaCtus112
Team Members: CaCtus112, Plantifant
Timezone: GMT+1

Team Name: MI DANG
Team Captain: Hika
Team Members: Hika, PandaPockies, Yuki Hana-chan (backup)
Timezone: GMT -5

Team Name: C(←)T(shift)B(→)
Team Captain: biackcurrent
Team Members: biackcurrent, _Beatrice
Timezone: GMT+8

Team Name: Real is a Drug and a Whore
Team Captain: Mustaash
Team Members: Mustaash, Megastore
Timezone: GMT+2

Team Name: The Midnight Project
Team Captain: Yusuzu
Team Members: Yusuzu, JaMajka69
Timezone: GMT +2

Team Name: Lolis
Team Captain: - Misaki Mei
Team Members: - Misaki Mei, - Onmyouji, -Zack-(backup)
Timezone: GMT -3

Team Name: SeiLah
Team Captain: Kolbe
Team Members: Kolbe, JhowM, Caco (Backup)
Timezone: GMT-3

Team Name : Beyond The Event Horizon
Team Captain : Wampir
Team Members : Znudzony,Wampir
Time znome : GMT + 2
Team name: to be determined

Members: KRZY(captain), Kuzino

Timezone: GMT +9

I suggest that the difficulty of the map pool be significantly reduced in this tournament. The map pool last tournament was insane, and everyone knows it. The maps should be much easier.
I plan on starting the sign ups later this month. and hopefully get things started by April 13th.

This means that the signs ups are closed now? or I can post my team? :P
Topic Starter
>.< guys just post here if you:
A) wanna be on the staff team
B) Have any suggestions on how to run this.

Sign ups are later on...
Dammit, no more DxS + Gens dream team combo...I'll have to find a new partner this year... :|
I can stream, if needed \o/
I'll be joining this event despite saying me quitting CtB. Love tournaments and I will always support the CtB community :)
I'll join as well, but dunno if I can be player and staff member at the same time (it's up to you, Weezy).

Anyway, I still have to find a partner...
Yuki Hana-Chan
Since I don't plan to sign up for the tourny (not too happy about my skills right now. lol) o-o
I'm willing to help out in staff in any way :3
I'm on osu! every day~
Topic Starter

Deif wrote:

I'll join as well, but dunno if I can be player and staff member at the same time (it's up to you, Weezy).

Anyway, I still have to find a partner...
Ya sure. I'm not gonna limit the members like that.
omg cant wait for this. \:D/

Weezy wrote:

Since I'm not gonna be around as much as last year since I've been promoted at work to manager
holy shit congratulations dude

I'm up for being staff. If you want a CV I organized a french tournament (along with Mr Color) and am referee for the TWC
I also suck at CtB

EDIT: unless I find someone willing to play with the noob I am \:D/
Topic Starter

Odaril wrote:

Weezy wrote:

Since I'm not gonna be around as much as last year since I've been promoted at work to manager
holy shit congratulations dude

I'm up for being staff. If you want a CV I organized a french tournament (along with Mr Color) and am referee for the TWC
I also suck at CtB

EDIT: unless I find someone willing to play with the noob I am \:D/
thanks :)
Lol good luck with that, I'm not putting any restrictions on skill :)
if you need a referee i can be one :U
Team Name : ExSpec

Member : Spectator, ExGon

Time zone : GMT +9
Just noticed:

Weezy wrote:

There will be a round robin stage, with 8 groups of 4 (this could change depending on sign ups)
I understand this is an all VS all / league phase, but please specify if there are gonna be 8 groups of 4 players or 8 groups of 4 teams.
Topic Starter
8 groups of 4 teams

Spectator wrote:

Team Name : ExSpec

Member : Spectator, ExGon

Time zone : GMT +9

Disease wrote:

if you need a referee i can be one :U
good luck disease (if you get picked?) :U
oh, and gratz for the promotion weezy
Topic Starter
Disease: your in

guys sign ups aren't now :U
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