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Current Priority: +1,066
Current Scoreboard that has each map is kinda useless for guys who are not good enough at this game. (and there are a lot of such people.)
You see a map, -> you see a guy at first place on this map/diff -> you know that you can not beat him -> you are triggering -> you are closing osu
Also if you fc a map or pass or something else, you cannot compare your pass/fc/etc with the guys who plays almost like you
So I have a nice idea. A Scoreboard that only contains players who has pp at [0pp - - - Your current pp + Epp] So you will not see the guys who too much better than you in maps scoreboard. Then you selecet a map/diff see a guy who has #1 at this diff and you will think like:"hmm this guy plays almost the same as me, I think I can beat(snipe) him!" Now this looks like
You have the reason to play -> You are playing more and more -> You are getting that #1 -> You are improving -> You are not closing osu!

Sounds good right ?

How to determine "E" I had already said at reddit. But this is not final formula.

Basicly, E depends on how many ppl have ~ your pp
than bigger difference betwen your pp and people's pp around your rank than bigger should be "E" (within reasonable limits ofc)

Also it would be great if this will be free for all, unlike country ranking/ gr selected mods / friend ranking
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