Option to have in-game leaderboard show nearby scores

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Rather than just the top scores.

Since some of us will likely never go anywhere near the top of the leaderboard on anything ever, why not instead of showing your score+top scores, allow us to see our score+scores nearby we could pass, based on percentages (example: no score set, show top score, a score halfway between average and top, average, etc, etc).
For example: Say you're ranked 5000 on a popular map, and have no hope (based on accuracy average) of ever getting into the top five. Why not show for example, your score, score of 4500th, score of 4000th, score of 3500th, etc, more reasonable scores that the player, given enough practice, could reasonably pass.

Then again, this would take too much work to implement...
Because of that last thing you said i'm gonna say no.

And also because i am a lot in the top 40's :P

But back to serious... No support
Ehh, no. This would be too taxing, I think.

Put on your local scoreboard, maybe?
Maybe if it was a gradual thing, say for example, a map has 3000 ranked players on it's leaderboard, The leaderboard could show the 3000th player, then the 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000, 500, 200, 100th player, at which point it goes to the top 40 leaderboard as usual.

Actually, scrap the top 200/100; if lots of people played it they'd probably all be very close anyways.

Personally I neither support nor dislike this idea.
Play and practice; You'll reach the scoreboards eventually. :P
Neo Adonis
Well. I think this could be thought on a moment, but I think peppy thought too: "Why do you need to know that? The goal of a top scoreboard is to reach a place on it and also recognize the best players of that song. So I think showing the scores below 40 doesn't make any sense with this."

I'm not "unsupporting" this, but expressing my opinion and a possible reason why this couldn't be implemented yet.

Derekku Chan wrote:

Play and practice; You'll reach the scoreboards eventually. :P
I'm sure you will :D
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