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The Mappers' Guild is a group of mappers responsible for creating map packs for osu!'s featured artists! Our goal is to provide osu! with a library of ranked maps using licensed music and to integrating osu!'s featured artists into the community. See more information about how the Mappers' Guild works here.

We've created three map packs so far and are looking to expand for the upcoming fourth round. This post details how you can potentially join!


By filling out this short form before April 24th, you can apply to join the group!

Choosing new members is a complicated process. We're hoping to get experienced mappers to join, but objectively quantifying who is suitable isn't realistic. Like last round's applications, we'll be using a mix of opinions from current guild members and other grounded criteria to narrow down applicants.

Here's the criteria we're considering:
  1. You have experience ranking maps. (8+ ranked maps)
  2. You have experience modding. (150+ total kudosu)
  3. You've ranked maps recently. (at least 1 map ranked in the last year)
  4. You've modded maps recently. (at least 3 different maps modded in the last 3 months)
  5. You create maps generally considered high quality. (previous monthly spotlights/guild member opinions)
  6. You work well with others.
  7. You've ranked maps of featured artist songs.

Note: You don't need to meet all the criteria to apply, however failing to meet multiple of the criteria will lower your chances of joining.

See this post to get a better idea of how new members will be selected. Keep in mind that this round's criteria are slightly different from last round's

Modding Queue

It's impossible for everyone applying to join the Mappers' Guild and create official map packs at the moment. That doesn't mean we can't help with your maps though!

Seeing as incorporating featured artists in osu! is one of the guild's purposes, we've launched a modding queue where members of the guild can mod your maps from featured artist songs.

The queue can be found here

Best of luck to anyone applying! Those who are accepted will be announced here and in the Mappers' Guild general information thread.
tfw you forget to update the thread with the only info that matters

as of a month ago, these guys joined the guild:
  1. yf_bmp
  2. Trust
  3. Niva
  4. Left
  5. Andrea
  6. StarrStyx
  7. NeilPerry

the latest round's mapping period is nearing completion, so the sets will be public fairly soon

(PoNo, Noffy, and Sinnoh also joined to make cute storyboards)
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