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Pachiru wrote:

I have a question regarding this project.

Let's consider that I'm making a set on a FA song, and I wanna push this forward to rank it. If I'm not from the mapper's guild, will I still be able to have help to push this or not?

If the question wasn't clear enough, do people from the mapper's guild will be encouraged to help mappers that don't belong to this guild, or the mapper's guild members will only help each other inside the guild?

This subject is quite blurry to me, so that's why I'm asking.
We have plans for rewarding people for mapping featured artist material who do not currently hold membership status when we go public on a wider scale. More on that at a later date.
I honestly think the 10 ranked map requirement is just to prove that you can produce ranked maps consistently. a major part of the entire idea is to actually rank the FA maps, not just mapping them itself.

but then again, as somebody who has no problem with this requirement, i might be a little biased here.
I guess that part makes sense. It's easier to assume you've hit a quality threshold that means even maps you've 'shitmapped' as far as relative to your own standards are still rankable if you have a big number of ranked maps lol. And i don't mean that sarcastically.

handsome wrote:

Kroytz wrote:

Tell that to Joe Castle or anyone who strictly makes E/N sets because they genuinely enjoy it xd
even ignoring the possible 'abuse', E/N sets don't appeal to a wide playerbase which is the goal in mind here when trying to promote FA.

My Angel Digi wrote:

Hang on, let me get this straight.

Pishifat wrote:

Part-time members will be unable to host mapsets, however they can mod and provide guest difficulties.
yet to become a part-time member

Pishifat wrote:

You've ranked at least 10 mapsets
So you're looking for extremely elite mappers (sidebar: I know plenty of good mappers with less than 10 ranked sets. If you're telling me somehow lit120 as a mapper with 13 ranked sets compares to someone who ranks massively higher quality sets like Kaifin who only has 3 I don't know what to tell you) because it is not easy to rank 10 sets, but these elite mappers are still not really allowed to do anything?

I'd love to join and mod (because I'm a shit mapper) and as I progress as a mapper create GDs and eventually sets. I think this has a lot of potential but would be much better if you could earn points without being an elite mapper if you decided to spend time trying to help out as best you can. Weber is totally right. Just my two cents
not everything is black and white, nowhere does it state that having more ranked maps would mean one is more capable of producing higher quality sets. the amount of ranked sets is an indicator of how much one has contributed to the ranked section and how familiar they are with the ranking maps in itself, not one's capability as a mapper. as skillful as someone might be, a lack of ranked maps would mean a lack of familiarity with the ranking and modding process, which is a pretty significant part of the guild's responsibilities.
What if I'm here as modslave and to learn about mapping? I clearly couldn't rank a map, but I still feel like I could contribute.

My Angel Digi wrote:

What if I'm here as modslave and to learn about mapping? I clearly couldn't rank a map, but I still feel like I could contribute.
lol this isn't the place for learning to map, as CLEARLY indicated with the 10 rank 200 kds requirement
Can ppl with 25+ ranked GDs overwrite the 10 sets? Basically have no. of ranked GDs be an equivalent substitute to the no. of ranked sets.

I don't really have difficulty ranking sets (especially now that I'm a BN) but I'm a mapper that only pushes sets for ranked if I felt really motivated towards the song itself, hence why I mostly map GDs (which every BN loves!!).

I think the fact that my last 3 ranked sets were ranked within a month sort of backs up what I'm saying. Though applying this would be case by case which ofc has it's downsides in itself

Kisses wrote:

Can ppl with 25+ ranked GDs overwrite the 10 sets? Basically have no. of ranked GDs be an equivalent substitute to the no. of ranked sets.
will keep that in mind for people more involved in making gds. having the ability to rank your own sets is pretty important for the role here, so having a decent amount of experience in that is more favorable though
a couple people have asked about this privately, so gonna clarify:

you can still apply if you don't meet every point of the application criteria. you have significantly better chances of joining if you do meet the criteria, but you won't be instantly disqualified because you haven't mapped a featured artist song or you have 7 ranked maps instead of 10 (or anything else along those lines).

a lot of applicants so far seem to be aware of this, but i imagine some people might have avoided applying because they thought otherwise. if you're one of those people, you've still got 5 days to apply!

edited the op to explicitly mention this too
general concept is interesting, but giving FAs special privilege in the ranking process over other stuff is just kinda stupid... whether or not an FA is even interesting is completely subjective as well, so imo holding any FA on a pedestal is just kind of counter intuitive and unfair to other maps/mappers
if i missed a counter argument to this claim, apologies in advance
well FA songs deserve to be put on a pedestal because osu payed for them. they're featured songs. most other rhythm games literally only have featured songs, so I think they are important.

Especially because there's no legal spaghetti when it comes to FA songs.

edit - took out the speculation part
where did the reply from kisses go

i dont know about the second part of hobbes's explanation, but the first part is why featured artist songs are being prioritized here
it's been a week so the application form is closed. i'll be posting information on who's joining in a couple days!
out of 54 applicants, 11 will be joining this round! (double our current member count):

  1. Sonnyc
  2. toybot
  3. Karen
  4. Nathan
  5. Chaoslitz
  6. Pho
  7. Gero
  8. Kibbleru
  9. Satellite
  10. Mao
  11. Natsu
additionally, we'll be letting some new members host sets this round contrary to what's written in the first post

how new members were selected:

each applicant has a row in a spreadsheet similar to this

the green cells show that the applicant met some of the criteria listed on the first post of this thread:
  1. he has at least 10 ranked maps
  2. he ranked a map in 2017/2018
  3. he surpassed minimum modding activity (more than 3 mods in 3 months, "1"=true "0"=false)
each of these green cells added 1 to the "total" value on the right

the red cells show that the applicant didn't meet some of the criteria:
  1. he didn't have at least 200 kudosu
  2. he hasn't ranked any mapsets of licensed featured artist songs (each set would add 1 to the total)
through this, priority was given to those who met more of the criteria -- especially those who ranked more featured artist maps in the past. mappers who didn't meet all the criteria were still given the opportunity to join though.

because a lot of applicants were equally matched based solely on the criteria, a blind vote was held. each current guild member subjectively chose 5-10 users who they believed made high quality maps and could work well together. the votes column shows how many current guild members supported the applicant. those votes were added to the total value.

all applicants were then sorted by their totals and the ones passing a threshold (8 in this case) were selected to join. if you want to see the totals of all applicants, see the full spreadsheet here!

next round will likely have more opportunity for joining, so don't feel down if you didn't make it this time!
omg what a circlejerk reported
^^ gg all
applications for new members were re-opened (about a week ago). see details and apply here: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/731365
damn I fulfilled all the requirements but I am a taiko mapper kms
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