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Should TAG meets "eimy" - Kono aozora no shita de by Cirno be Loved?

90.48% 19
9.52% 2
Total votes: 21
Polling ended 2018-02-10 02:11:11
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
TAG meets ""eimy"" - Kono aozora no shita de by Cirno
Captain's Description (by Kamikaze):
Our seventh chart on the list is a classic. This chart, created by Cirno in 2013 year is a chart that's heavily inspired by IIDX charting style with some very interesting concepts executed. Tricky one handed patterns with general stream heavy layering is topped with OD 10 making it a very good accuracy tester and HP 9 ensures that you need to know what you're doing to even pass it!

Please use the space below to discuss why you believe this map should (or should not!) enter the Loved Category.
The poll will run for 5 days. Revoting will be enabled for the sole purpose of changing your answer in the case that the discussion sways your vote otherwise after submission.

Link to this week's main thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/699511
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