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Should Chroma - Sayonara Planet Wars by BrambleClaw be Loved?

97.50% 39
2.50% 1
Total votes: 40
Polling ended 2018-02-10 02:00:53
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
Chroma - Sayonara Planet Wars by BrambleClaw
Captain's Description (by Backfire):
Ah, a funny little quirk about this map. The description for this actually says ""This WILL be my first ranked mapset, or else I am not BrambleClaw!"". Well, BrambleClaw actually changed his name to Bramble, and this will possibly be his first Loved mapset. Kinda funny how life works isn't it? Anyway, a map well known to players from TWC 2016, this is a very fun set with a little for all types of players, with an outstanding top diff.

Please use the space below to discuss why you believe this map should (or should not!) enter the Loved Category.
The poll will run for 5 days. Revoting will be enabled for the sole purpose of changing your answer in the case that the discussion sways your vote otherwise after submission.

Link to this week's main thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/699497
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