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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on wtorek, 13 marca 2018 at 08:22:14

Artist: Konamilk
Title: Yume Tourou
Source: 君の名は。
Tags: RADWIMPS Cover Acoustic ver version Kimi no na wa. Your Name. op opening Nikakis ShogunMoon Shunao
BPM: 172
Filesize: 3826kb
Play Time: 01:41
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,45 stars, 135 notes)
  2. Everlasting Promise (4,52 stars, 344 notes)
  3. Nikakis' Hard (3,25 stars, 273 notes)
  4. Shunao's Normal (2,01 stars, 198 notes)

Download: Konamilk - Yume Tourou
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Everlasting Promise - Done by Me
Hard - Done by Nikakis
Normal - Done by Shunao
Easy - Done by Me

Hitsounds by Me with some help from Akareh
20:36 FlameLancer: Hi, you said that you can do some IRC so I'm here to ask for it.
20:36 FlameLancer: Could you take a quick look at my mapset?
20:36 *FlameLancer is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1521043 KONAMILK - Yume Tourou]
20:37 Xayler: hey
20:37 Xayler: lemme visit the bathroom first, lol
20:37 FlameLancer: sure xD
20:40 Xayler: both shogun and nikakis in the set, nice nice
20:40 FlameLancer: :)
20:41 Xayler: okay so where I start
20:41 FlameLancer: maybe from easy
20:42 FlameLancer: Didnt get mod on it yet
20:42 Xayler: alright
20:43 Xayler: 00:13:429 (3,5) - hmm, not sure if this kind of overlap is good for an easy
20:44 Xayler: like I would read it without problems, but some beginners idk, it looks good tho
20:45 FlameLancer: 00:13:429 (3) - disappers when u hit 00:14:476 (4) - so I think it will not be a rly big problem for them
20:46 Xayler: well the approach circle is the problem in this case, it helps them a lot altho they most probably just smash the keys lol
20:47 Xayler: well for me it isn't a problem, just telling that it could become a problem for someone
20:47 FlameLancer: XD probably
20:47 FlameLancer: ya I will think about it
20:47 Xayler: 00:25:987 (4,5,6) - that's pretty nitpicky, but you can move 6 a tiny bit above from 4 so the visual spacing is equal
20:48 FlameLancer: ok
20:48 Xayler: and then you can change the blanket as well as I know it will ruin it a bit
20:49 FlameLancer: done
20:50 Xayler: alrighty
20:50 Xayler: 00:25:987 (4,5,6) - this :D
20:50 Xayler: 00:49:011 (2,2) -
20:50 Xayler: this I mean
20:51 FlameLancer: hmm
20:51 Xayler: it just looks a bit off overall
20:51 Xayler: for example 00:53:053 (5,2) - this looks decent
20:52 Xayler: due to the visual spacing between sliderhead and tails
20:52 FlameLancer: Yea I know
20:53 FlameLancer: But I'm not sure what to do at 00:51:369 (2) - then
20:55 Xayler: it will require some placementing
20:57 Xayler: but most things what I try wont work without changing parts further so
20:58 FlameLancer: same for me at least for now\
20:59 Xayler: check aimod as well, it says some unicode errors
20:59 Xayler: or well warnings
20:59 Xayler: nothing much in easy tho, pretty clean diff
21:01 FlameLancer: Good to hear that
21:02 FlameLancer: Nikakis is greek It fcked up jap characters on his diff
21:02 FlameLancer: xD
21:03 Xayler: it happens sometimes yap, it should be easy to fix tho
21:03 FlameLancer: ç˛ăăŤăŻ = 粉ミルク
21:03 FlameLancer: yeah np
21:05 Xayler: these letters make much sense indeed, lol
21:05 FlameLancer: ok fixed
21:05 FlameLancer: I also fixed 3 or 4 unsnaped sliders on his diff. I will upload it for now
21:06 Xayler: I went into ur insane atm
21:06 FlameLancer: ok
21:07 Xayler: the blue tick sliders from 00:29:778 (4) - here seem to be pretty inconsistent with the map tho, imo
21:07 Xayler: like 00:30:121 (1,2,3) - the spacing between these is the same, but they aren't 1/2
21:08 FlameLancer: You mean that I skiped that sound? 00:29:950
21:08 FlameLancer: ^^
21:09 Xayler: no, the slider is fine, but the player would most probably break here
21:09 Xayler: as there's nothing what shows that it's 3/4 slider from spacing
21:10 FlameLancer: oh
21:10 Xayler: other than slider length, but mostly the length isn't reliable
21:11 FlameLancer: give me sec
21:11 Xayler: 00:30:464 (2,3) - and it's the only place in this section where you use circles as well
21:18 FlameLancer: Well there is already 3 sliders with different length at this point 00:29:778 (4) 00:28:750 (1) - 1/1 00:29:264 (2) - 1/2 00:29:778 (4) - 3/4 so I think play should be able to read that this is 3/4 slider
21:20 Xayler: well okay that, but the circles you use only 1 time like this, while after the kiai you use them consistently 2 times
21:20 Xayler: 01:32:485 (2,3) - and 01:37:885 (2,3) -
21:21 Xayler: 00:35:873 (2) - basically this slider should be circles imo
21:21 FlameLancer: I was think about changing 00:35:873 (2) into 2 circles
21:21 FlameLancer: XD
21:21 Xayler: yeah lul
21:22 Xayler: then it's consistent
21:24 Xayler: also 01:00:466 (3,4) - they would look nicer if the visual spacing is same with 00:59:792 (1) -
21:26 Xayler: sth like https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10256151 this
21:30 FlameLancer: Ok I made something similar
21:36 FlameLancer: Btw how does IRC work with Modding v2? Will you still copy those logs into correct timelines?
21:36 Xayler: I think that I can post the log in mv1 thread
21:37 Xayler: t/690237 here in this case I think
21:37 FlameLancer: oh
21:37 FlameLancer: ok
21:38 Xayler: there's a small quick reply box, I hope that it works, lol
21:38 Xayler: anyways about that visual spacing thing earlier
21:38 Xayler: idk if you checked it
21:38 FlameLancer: 00:30:464 (2,3) - ?
21:38 Xayler: but 01:13:941 (3,4,5) - this could be done nicer as well, it just needs a bit higher spacing
21:39 Xayler: nono, I posted image as well
21:39 Xayler: 1:00 or sth
21:39 FlameLancer: ohhh
21:39 FlameLancer: yeah I said I made sth similar
21:41 Xayler: 01:13:941 (3,4,5) - I'd do sth like this https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10256270 here
21:43 Xayler: also why 01:40:917 (1) - this isn't curved lul
21:43 FlameLancer: Xd
21:44 FlameLancer: I think It looks better that way
21:44 FlameLancer: And probably plays better
21:45 Xayler: well the curved ones don't have the best flow tho
21:45 Xayler: it's against the usual flow what you did in the map
21:47 FlameLancer: Well this is the end of the song that has rly strong guitar sounds that differ from 00:38:568 (2,3,4) - so I wanted express that in some way
21:48 Xayler: I'd personally ctrl+g all last 3 sliders
21:49 Xayler: not together, but invidually
21:50 FlameLancer: y i got that XD
21:50 Xayler: anyways that should be all I guess
21:51 FlameLancer: 01:13:941 (3,4,5) - A made it like you said
21:51 FlameLancer: and About the end
21:51 Xayler: okay
21:51 FlameLancer: I will think about it and maybe I will change it
21:52 Xayler: well np, it was just my opinion
21:52 FlameLancer: sure
21:52 Xayler: I'll try posting in the forum and see if that works lol
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