2012 Taiko World Cup (11th Feb ~ 1st Apr)

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But didn't expect such a lose. lol

Good luck for the other TWC praticipants!
Great play JapanB! ^-^ Wish u good luck on your next match!
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This is for matthewhln:

Round 2 - Match #7 - 3/11/2012 - 11:30 (UTC)
Germany A 0 : 4 Japan B

  1. Match History


--- Game #1 ---
Map: cranky - R176 [Pangko]
  • Germany A: 2,805,820
  1. Japan B: 2,870,540
--- Game #2 ---
Map: Mutsuhiko Izumi - Snow Goose [Taiko]
  • Germany A: 2,341,170
  1. Japan B: 2,449,550
--- Game #3 ---
Map: Clubringer ft. Kate Lesing - Rivers of Avalon (Nightcore Mix) [Kanpakyin's Taik-oni]
  • Germany A: 3,146,766
  1. Japan B: 3,316,530
--- Game #4 ---
Map: O-Life Japan - Yakujinsama no Couple Dance [Taiko]
  • Germany A: 3,019,881
  1. Japan B: 3,226,575

Referee: matthewhln(...?!)

I cannot participate in Spain vs Germany B at all, just for reference.

lepidopodus wrote:

  1. Match History
This one links to the forum homepage :3
I afraid there will be lag on the stream at semi-final or final

so I want find a record tool to capture the screen and sound while in the match (for replay or upload)

does any one have any suggestion?
Round 2 - Match #8 - 3/11/2012 - 19:00 (UTC)
Germany B 4 : 0 Spain

  1. Match History


--- Game #1 ---
Map: Ryu -I'm so Happy (tsuka) [Taiko]
  1. Germany B: 2,070,222
    Spain: 1,658,316
--- Game #2 ---
Map: NH22 - Corrosion (Lena) [Taiko Oni]
  1. Germany B: 1,935,944
    Spain: 1,813,620
Note: Players change: BrokenArrow --> Slih
--- Game #3 ---
Map: Senpi - Suteki na Hakaba de Kuraseru to Omotta noni (Kite) [Dunskin's Taiko Oni]
  1. Germany B: 3,666,140
    Spain: 2,891,070
--- Game #4 ---
Map: cosMo@Bousou P feat. Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku no Gekishou (lepidopodus) [Oni (Ura)]
  1. Germany B: 2,844,280
    Spain: 1,615,252

Referee: Anongos
Schedule for week 6:

Just as a reminder: If you have any problems with the assigned times, please talk to the other team first and reach an agreement before coming to me. Otherwise I will turn you away.
Maplist for Round 3 got announced. Please check the relevant post.

Without joking... personally I love this mappack and I'm sad that I can't play it... lol
chaosmaid \:D/
yayayayaya these maps

But why nyan cat xD so silly~
Hard match going to be hard.
I would like to at least FC some of them to be prepared!
Good luck to all teams :P
awwww alpha century just now....i really liked that map...

NeoRainier wrote:

awwww alpha century just now....i really liked that map...
awww thanks ;^;
Sooo.. you have next week for training.. Good luck everyone this round ^.^
good luck guys c:
Good luck to all countries!
Round of 16:

Korea A vs China:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311208669 (07:12 - 28:00)

Taiwan B vs France:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311211165 (13:17 - 31:05)

Philippines vs Hong Kong A:
Hong Kong A win by default

Italy-Netherlands vs United States A:
I missed orz

Japan A vs Korea B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311295582 (03:27 - 22:35)

Taiwan A vs United States B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311302559 (04:05 - 21:38)

Germany A vs Japan B:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311327434 (12:24 - end)

Germany B vs Spain:
http://www.justin.tv/matthewhln/b/311367899 (18:00 - 36:40)

Week 1-4: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=66910&p=1373966#p1373966

PS: still looking for record software
Such a pity our match couldn't have been streamed :<
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